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Cas Character

Jade Lovall

Played by Gabriella Leon


S33 E12 – S36 E5

Job Title

Student Nurse/ Staff Nurse

First Words

(A drunk Jade is stumbling through a supermarket and comes across Iain) Jade : Buckets, where are they? (Iain nods and Jade tries to hold in being sick) No, it’s OK .. will power. Can’t decide? Don’t bother, I’ve tries every one and they all taste like puke (Jade proceeds to be sick in a cleaner’s bucket and pulls a thumbs up)


Birth mother, Susie. Grandmother, Theresa.


Joining as a Student Nurse, Jade is funny and down to earth, without any ego. Jade had a tough upbringing, she was born deaf but her hearing impairment was not diagnosed. Her young birth mother, Susie (who is also deaf) decided to put her into care and then she jumped between care homes and foster families throughout her childhood. Although she’s friends with absolutely everyone, there are few that Jade will let get really close. She is insecure but also a humanist and treats every patient with the right amount of compassion.

We are first introduced to Jade when she is drunk in the supermarket. A hungover Jade  arrives late to her shift in the Maternity Unit before going to sleep on one of the ward beds. Louise works alongside Jade in the hopes to improve her attitude to work. Jade impresses Louise during their shift together, so Louise tells Jade she will ask Charlie if she can join the ED as a nurse.

Jade becomes good friends with fellow nurse Marty. One shift sees them both flirting with a patient. Jade’s determination to win leads her to locking Marty in a store cupboard, where he has an asthma attack, and is later found unconscious by Jade. Louise expresses her disappointment in Jade’s actions. In a later episode, whilst having disagreements all day, Jade answers an advert for a spare room in a shared house, which turns out to be where Marty lives.  After Jade is bitten by a patient, Louise steps up to protect her team and the nurses are equipped with body cameras. Charlie, struggling with Duffy’s dementia diagnoses snaps at Jade for her mistakes. Jade confides in David that she stole a car when she was sixteen so she cannot get her nursing registration without three referees; David agrees to be one. Jade starts to believe in herself more and expresses interest in  applying for a nursing bursary but is crushed when Marty mocks her. When Marty is later awarded the bursary she is annoyed, feeling with her deafness she has faced more difficulties but she ultimately didn’t apply herself. Jade sees Marty’s phone calling, and answers to his dad, telling him about the award. When his father arrives, David accidentally mentions Marty’s sexuality being difficult, and it is revealed that Marty has not come out to his parents. Jade interrupts and says that she is Marty’s girlfriend. However when Marty’s mother is brought in during a later episode – she tells his dad that Jade isn’t right for him and tells Marty she always knew he was gay.

In Series 34, while chatting with Marty, Jade is confronted by a man called Nigel. She tells Marty that he is her case worker from when she was in care. Marty asks her if she is curious about her ancestry, so she calls Nigel and he reveals that Jade’s mother gave her up when she was three. Nigel provides Jade with her case file, and she tears up reading a letter from her mother. In one episode, a wrestler, Malc, is admitted to the hospital, where it transpires that he and Jade have had a past relationship. She catches up with him, and Marty suggests she made a wrong decision by breaking up with him. When Jade is talking to him, his wife and son visit him. She walks out, and Malc follows her into the staff room. He collapses with internal bleeding, and once he is conscious, he commends Jade on how far she has come in life. She calls Nigel and tells him that she wants to meet her birth mother. Jade meets Susie, her birth mother, and learns that she is deaf too. Jade asks her why she abandoned her, but Susie avoids the question and leaves, narrowly missing getting hit by a car. Jade assists Susie to hospital with her grandmother, Theresa, who does not know Jade is her granddaughter. In the hospital, Jade asks Susie again why she abandoned her. Susie explains that Theresa convinced her that Jade was not developing normally, unaware that she was deaf. Jade confronts Theresa, and states that any upbringing with Susie would have been better than her experiences in care. Theresa hits back by asking Jade not to contact her mother anymore, and Jade states that she cannot speak for her.

In Series 35, as the coronavirus hits Holby – we see the challenges Jade faced of lip reading with PPE and masks on.

Memorable Moments

  • S33 E12 – At first unimpressed, Louise asks Jade to come and be an ED nurse after meeting her in the Maternity Unit
  • S33 E14 – Jade jokingly locks Marty in a store cupboard where he suffers an asthma attack
  • S33 E18 – Jade answers an advert for a shared flat where Marty also lives
  • S33 E22 – Jade is bitten by a patient as Louise tries to protect her team
  • S33 E28 – Dylan and Jade begin a maggot therapy trial
  • S33 E30 – Jade is reprimanded by Charlie for making minor mistakes. David helps her get her nursing registration.
  • S33 E38 – Jade, increasing in confidence, becomes interested in applying for the nursing bursary but Marty mocks her
  • S33 E42 – Jade pretends to be Marty’s girlfriend to his dad, after Marty wins the bursary
  • S33 E45 – Jade supports Marty when he tells his parents he is gay after his mum is taken to hospital
  • S34 E11 – Jade’s former case worker provides her with files about her birth mother
  • S34 E27 – Jade becomes fed up of covering for Marty
  • S34 E30 – Jade supports Marty when he fears he may have HIV
  • S34 E35 – Jade’s ex Malc is admitted and praises Jade on how far she has come. Jade makes the decision to meet her birth mother
  • S34 E37 – Jade meets her birth mother
  • S35 E1 – Jade struggles to understand people when they are wearing masks, as she cannot read their lips during the pandemic

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