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Cas Character

Jan Jenning

Played by Di Botcher


S32 E35 –

Job Title

Operational Duty Manager/ Paramedic

First Words

You’d be surprised at what I can do!


Son, Ross West with ex-husband. Currently married to wife, Ffion Morgan.


No nonsense Jan is the Mother Hen of the Ambulance Service. She is firm and sometimes fair. Once you’ve proved yourself to Jan, you can bet she will back you to the ends of the earth.

Jan has one son, Ross, who she had with her husband that ended up walking out on them. She struggled to deal with her son’s wayward behaviour and ended up starting a new life with wife, Ffion, a police officer.

In her first series, Jan shows her support of new paramedic Ruby who struggles at first in her role.

In Series 33, the paramedics are rocked by Sam’s death which hits Iain particularly hard. Whilst Iain spirals into depression, a revelation occurs that a local drug dealer is Jan’s son. Jan finds it difficult to come to terms with what has become of him.

In Series 34, as the team say goodbye to Ruby – a new paramedic Fenisha gives Jan cause for concern with her maverick attitude and is forced to give her a warning.  In a later episode, Fenisha comes to her rescue when Jan is injured during a cave rescue and is forced to do an emergency procedure on her. We are also introduced to Jan’s wife, police office Ffion and it’s clear despite their mutual love, they struggle to find time together due to their work commitments.

Memorable Moments

  • S32 E35 – Jan makes her debut
  • S32 E41 – Jan supports Ruby on her first day as paramedic
  • S32 E42 – Jan asks Sam if she needs to transfer Ruby elsewhere, but Sam later has a change of heart
  • S33 E2 – Iain confides in Jan following Sam’s death
  • S33 E22 – Jan struggles to believe her son is a drug dealer and Iain’s version of events when he lands up in a cell
  • S33 E27 – In the aftermath of Iain’s suicide attempt, Jan warns Ruby about getting to involved in a case where carer Dani’s mum dies
  • S33 E37 – Iain lends his support to Jan, as her son goes to trial
  • S34 E31 – Jan and Ruby are called out to a train crash on Ruby’s final shift
  • S34 E35Fenisha disobeys Jan’s orders when the pair attend the scene of an accident at a wrestling match.
  • S34 E38 – Jan and Ffion struggle to make time for eachother on their anniversary due to work commitments
  • S34 E42 – Fenisha is forced to do an emergency procedure on Jan when she is injured in a cave
  • S35 E2 – New paramedic Leon makes a bad first impression on Jan when he mistakes her for a cleaner
  • S35 E6 – Jan is shocked to learn Fenisha is pregnant

Love Interests

  • Ffion Morgan

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