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HC Character

Jasmine Burrows


Played by Lucinda Dryzek


S18 E41 ‘A Perfect Life’ – S19 E37 ‘For You May Be the Next to Die’

Job Title


First Words

Excuse me, do you know your way around here? Ooh are you OK?

Last Words

(looks at Jac’s hand) No scar!


Jasmine is the half-sister of Jac. However Jac has always shunned her due to her own toxic relationship with their mother Paula. When she arrives at Holby, she is desperate to find out more about Jac and have some some sort of relationship with her. The pair are very similar in many ways – they both hold a Machiavellian streak and can both be blunt when it needs to be. However Jasmine is far more warming to people and has an ability to charm.

Jasmine starts off at Holby befriending Morven and having a brief fling with Oliver. After being thrown off her first ward, Jasmine joins AAU however when Serena’s daughter Elinor dies under her care, it leads to a grief stricken Serena pushing her too far.

Morven’s friendship also comes under fire when in trying to get Morven to open up to the idea of a new romance, ends up texting her under the guise of a love interest.

Whilst her relationship with Jac starts off incredibly rocky, Jac can see she is a talented doctor and fights her corner when she comes under attack from Serena. Their relationship starts to thaw however with the arrival of nurse Fran, who used to attend a foster home with Jac, lead to Jasmine’s downfall and tragic death.

Memorable Moments

  • S18 E41 – Jasmine makes her debut to Holby.
  • S18 E44 – Morven offers Jasmine to move in with her.
  • S18 E46 – Jac returns to work and discovers Jasmine, her half-sister is an F1 at Holby.
  • S18 E49 – Zosia catches Oliver & Jasmine kissing.
  • S18 E50 – Jasmine is keen to impress Jac professionally and make a connection with her personally.
  • S19 E1 – A hungover Jasmine gets into trouble with Ric but finds a confidant in Tristan Woods.
  • S19 E7 – Dom and an ambitious Jasmine go head-to-head for the role of Isaac’s research assistant.
  • S19 E12 – A dejected Jasmine faces her first shift on AAU under Serena’s watchful eye.
  • S19 E13 – Serena’s daughter Elinor sustains a fatal injury unbeknown to Jasmine who has been treating her.
  • S19 E18 – Jasmine reveals some gut-wrenching news to a grieving Serena.
  • S19 E20 – Morven is concerned about Serena’s abrasiveness towards Jasmine.
  • S19 E21 – Serena channels her grief into the campaign of intimation directed at Jasmine.
  • S19 E22 – Jasmine exhausts herself preparing to join Serena for prestigious surgery, where she can finally prove herself to Jac.
  • S19 E25 – Jasmine finds herself in Serena’s crossfire again when she makes a discovery about a patient.
  • S19 E26 – When an emotionally weary Jasmine makes a life-changing decision, Serena is brought up short by the pain she has caused.
  • S19 E27  – Matteo takes it upon himself to unite Jac and Jasmine, who are further apart than ever after Jasmine’s ordeal with Serena.
  • S19 E31 – Morven questions repairing her friendship with Jasmine following their fall-out.
  • S19 E33 – Jasmine is feeling sheepish after a drunken night out having no recollection of the phone calls she made to Jac and Morven.
  • S19 E36 – Jasmine and Jac’s relationship continues to thaw. Jasmine begins to grow suspicious of nurse Fran’s attempts to befriend Jac.
  • S19 E37 – Following a confrontation with Fran, Jasmine is pushed but falls, fatally injuring herself with a scalpel that was in her pocket. The team are unable to save her.

Love Interests

  • Oliver Valentine

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