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HC Character

Jess Griffin

Played by Verona Joseph


S4 E15 ‘Trust’ – S9 E29 ‘Deep Dark Truthful Mirror’; S13 E3 ‘Tough Love’; S13 E21 ‘What You Mean By Home’; S13 E24 ‘Second Coming’

Job Title

Acute Admissions Nurse (Previously PA to Owen Davis)

First Words

Last Words

(to Ric) Well that is something you could help me with.


When we are first introduced to Jess Griffin – she is on the scrounge for some money from her father, Ric. He ends up getting her a job as Owen’s PA in the hospital. However, Jess envied the dedication and professionalism of the nurses and decided to train to become one herself. She proves herself to be committed and confident in the job. Her directness can lead to clashes with other staff, but it only reflects her enthusiasm and passion for the job.

Her debut is in S4 E15, when she visits Ric at work to ask for money. She ends up getting chatted up by nurse Liam, until he finds out who her father is. In S4 E22, Jess turns up again at the hospital. When [ID 572]Sam[/ID] sees her kissing Ric she comments that he’s old enough to be her father. ‘That’s because he is!’ jokes Kath. Jess tells Ric she’s pulled out of college and that she’s going to be a model instead. Ric tells her he wants back the £3000 he gave her for a computer and course books but she says she’s already spent the money on having a breast enhancement. Ric manages to get her a job as Owen’s PA and she starts work in S4 E23. Mubbs also falls for her beauty. In S4 E26, Sam is having a birthday party – Jess ends up sleeping with Surgeon Alex. Jess becomes infatuated with Alex and in S4 E30, Sam persuades her to tell Alex that she loves him, but things don’t go well. Jess discovers she is pregnant after their night of passion and tells him in S4 E32. He is completely unprepared and shattered by the news. In S4 E33, Alex tries to convince Jess to have an abortion but she wants to keep the baby. However, doubts are cast in her mind when she hears Alex arguing with Meyer about patient Tom Vincent, and the dilemma of finding he has a daughter. Alex tells Jess that if she has an abortion she will get over him and the baby in a few weeks but if she goes ahead and gives birth, she will be stuck with them forever. Jess reluctantly agrees to have an abortion as long as Alex accompanies her to the clinic. It’s the day of Jess’a abortion in S4 E34, and it’s clear she still has some doubts. But with Alex adamant that it’s the best thing, she goes through with it and leaves upset. Later that evening, Jess collapses and is taken onto a ward. Meanwhile, Ric who is celebrating his birthday, is unaware that his daughter is going through surgery. Alex informs Ric of the situation – angry he lashes out at him. Ric comforts Jess when she comes out of theatre. In S4 E40, Sam is excited about Ric’s wedding to Sam. But whilst getting ready she spots a photo of Alex and Sam in Sam’s bedroom. Ric later realises she still has feelings for Alex, and calls the wedding off next episode. In S4 E50, Jess starts her first day as an AAU nurse and is thrown in at the deep end with a hectic shift. Steve tells her she did well. In S4 E51, she has another bad day. She’s teaching kickboxing in her lunch hour to help pay bills and eat, but she’s still on a pitiful budget. Steve says he’s not sure whether she has the right attitude to become a nurse, but apologises for snapping at her. Jess replies that she’s grateful for his honesty. In S4 E52, Steve makes jibes about Jess’ kickboxing, so she orders him to the gym so she can prove a point and proves her point about not being an airhead. But she still has a way to go before she can prove herself to be a serious nurse.

In S5 E2, Jess happily greets a teenage patient, Ronnie, whose had a skateboard accident. While the pair are chatting away, Ronnie collapses and a bewildered Jess looks on while they attempt to resuscitate her, but unfortunately she’s declared brain dead. In S5 E3, Jess is jogging to work when she witnesses a car jacking. Jess rushes over to help a man who has been dragged out of the car by youths. When Steve’s son, Robbie, is brought in, she realises he was involved in the incident. She forces him to own up to his father. In S5 E20, Alex is back from America and has a frosty encounter with Jess. When he is given the Locum position in S5 E21, she finds it difficult working with him. She later confides in Mubbs that she has written a notice of resignation. His reaction surprises her; he pursuades her to retrieve the note and then, flirting, leads her to the staff room. But they are caught in a compromising position by the newly installed CCTV camera behind them. In S5 E22, Lisa is shocked to see the video footage, when he was meant to be dating her. In S5 E23, it’s Comic Relief day. Mubbs pesters Jess, but she refuses to see him again, afraid Lisa will find out. In S5 E29, Steve and Ben are involved in a car accident. Jess is upset. In S5 E32, Lisa accuses Jess of living off Ric’s money. Jess bites back but they make up at the end of shift. In S5 E33, Jess advises Diane who’s contemplating a termination. In S5 E36, Jess and Lisa are both attracted to Nic, but it’s Sandy who gets to kiss him at the housewarming party. In S5 E43, Jess is shocked when her brother is brought in with pneumonia and heroin is found in his blood. In S5 E44, Jess and Diane drive down to support Alex at his father’s funeral. In S5 E49, Jess is ecstatic to learn Sandy has won the lottery and has left her and other colleagues some money, before heading to Australia. In S5 E51, Ric’s suffering money problems, but buys a TV in an auction to give to Jess for her 21st birthday. However next episode in S5 E52, he is humiliated when the TV he bought is repossessed during her party because his cheque has bounced. When he finally admits that he is having financial problems, Jess is upset that he has not been honest with her.

In S6 E1, Jess cannot forgive her father for his recent behaviour at the party and gives him the cold shoulder. She also offends Nic by declaring that their kiss was just a drunken one-off. In S6 E3, Jess asks Nic on a date, but he has other things on his mind when he is taken to the police station faced with the Kellar killer accusations. In S6 E6, Jess has a new work placement in ITU but is intimidated at working with Zubin. She later visits Nic in prison. Hi sister Kelly is unhappy and says only she will go in future. Her day gets worse when Ric asks her for money. Nic is released when another murder is committed. They plan to go on a date, but Kelly is determined to get Nic to herself and admits to the murders, leaving him stunned. Jess offers Ric a room at her flat, when she realises the extent of his money issues. In S6 E10, Jess discovers Ric has been gambling with her money and tearfully cuts up his credit cards. In S6 E12, an explosion caused by Kelly leaves her and her brother fighting for their lives. Jess keeps a vigil by Nic’s bedside. She is gutted when he dies next episode. In S6 E17, Jess is one of the few to attend Nic’s funeral. In S6 E24, Jess gets on surprisingly well with patient Robert and he asks her out on a date. When she ignores strict procedures to find out some information for him, Ric and Lisa become concerned that she has more than a professional interest in him. In S6 E25, Ric ticks Jess off for going out on a date with Robert, but she feels he is being overly protective and the date turns out to be great fun. As time progresses, she realises things aren’t working out with and calls things off. In S6 E30, Jess makes it clear to Robert that a reconciliation is not on the cards but, when she returns home, she is shocked to find him waiting inside her flat with wine and chocolates. The situation turns nasty; Robert strikes Jess, and Donna returns in time to witness the struggle, which ends with Robert falling through a glass door. In S6 E44, Zubin and Ric give a lecture at Holby City University and Zubin secretly arranges for Leo, Ric’s estranged son, to attend. Leo’s girlfriend is six months’ pregnant and hooked on the drugs that he has been supplying her. When she goes into premature labour and begins haemorrhaging, Zubin and Jess fight to save her life before the ambulance comes. They are unable to save the baby. Zubin tells Jess to keep the baby a secret from Ric; he would never forgive Leo if he knew what had happened. But when Zubin consoles Jess over the loss of her nephew and they come close to kissing, they are interrupted by an oblivious Ric. In S6 E45, Jess tries to talk to Zubin about what happened between them last week but he says there is nothing to discuss. In S6 E46, Ric is oblivious to the tension between Zubin and Jess and talks her into joining their team for the charity trolley dash. When they are alone, Jess leans forward to kiss Zubin but they are interrupted again. In S6 E47, Jess tells Donna that she has a crush on an older man. Donna realises that it is Zubin and teases her but Jess begs her not to tell anyone. In S6 E48, at Ric’s birthday party, Jess dances with Reza to make Zubin jealous, and her plan works as he walks out of the flat when he sees the pair kiss. In S6 E49, tells Jess he is finding the situation hard to deal with but, when she asks him about his feelings for her, he clams up. Later, he tries to tell Jess how much he cares about her but she says he is too late and leaves to go on a date with Reza. In S6 E50, Jess and Reza arrive at work late after spending the night together and a jealous Zubin takes out his frustration on the pair. Later, Jess realises she is not over him and finishes with Reza. She goes to talk to Zubin and they end up in a passionate clinch. In S6 E51, Zubin is uncomfortable around Jess after their kiss and feels guilty when Ric tells him he is like a godfather to her. When she asks him to go to lunch with her, Zubin tells her he cannot hurt Ric and they can never kiss again. In S6 E52, Zubin apologises to Jess for what he said to her and Jess says she would like to go back to being friends with him. That night, he asks her out for dinner but, when he arrives to pick her up, she tells him she will cook for him instead. Although they pretend to be just friends, it’s clear they still have feelings for each other.

In S7 E2, Connie tells Jess that Zubin is leaving for a job in Paris. Jess is upset but Zubin tells her that he should leave because of his feelings for her. In S7 E3, Jess decides to go to Paris to talk to Zubin, but he is angry that she has come and tells her to go home. Jess makes him talk to her, saying he should stop putting his dead wife on a pedestal, but an enraged Zubin tells her she is a silly little girl. When Jess runs off and a man snatches her bag, Zubin tries to give chase but the thief gets away. Zubin takes Jess back to his hotel to look after her and, that evening, they go to see the Eiffel Tower. Zubin tells her he wants her and they kiss. In S7 E4, Jess wakes up in Zubin’s hotel room after spending the night with him. At Zubin’s second interview, he is offered the job but is unsure whether to accept it. However, Jess later tells him she will look for a job in Paris and they can live there together. But when Zubin meets with Ric, who is also in Paris with a patient, he tells Jess thattheir relationship could never work because her father. He has decided to accept the job and stay in Paris – alone. In S7 E6, it is [ID 1440]Sean[/ID]’s first day. Donna tells Jess she needs to move on from Zubin and suggests Sean is a good catch, but Jess finds him arrogant and is not interested. After he loses a patient, however, Jess comforts him and kisses him on the cheek. At the end of their shift, they agree to go out together and share a passionate kiss in the lift. In S7 E9, Jess confides in Donna that she thinks she may have a urine infection. Whilst looking on the computer, Donna sees that a member of staff has tested themselves for chlamydia. She tells Jess that she believes Sean may have an STD. Jess confronts Sean and he tells her that his ex-girlfriend recently told him that she had chlamydia and that he should get himself tested. Jess is furious that he didn’t tell her but he says he was waiting until he got the results. Jess tells Sean that she doesn’t want to see him anymore. She gets herself tested and discovers she doesn’t have chlamydia – but instead discovers that she is pregnant. In S7 E10, Sean guesses that Jess is pregnant and tells her he wants to be with her. They go to the Christmas party together. In S7 E12, Jess is forced to own up to Ric about what happened with Leo and his baby that died. She later discovers from a scan that she is nine weeks pregnant – the time when she was in Paris with Zubin. In S7 E13, Jess is confused and feels an abortion is the only option for her but Sean tells her he wants to stand by her and stops her going inside the clinic. In S7 E14, Jess plans to move in with Sean. She is shocked to discover that Zubin is also back in Holby. In S7 E15, Jess wants to tell Zubin the truth, but when he says he is pleased for her and Sean moving in together, she makes her excuses. In S7 E16, Jess realise she does not love Sean. She tells him she does not feel the same way about him and that she needs space. Sean snaps, saying that he is fed up of her messing him around. He tells her to move out of his flat. Ric goes to collect Jess so they can go out for dinner. She tells him she has split up with Sean and asks if she can stay with him for a while. Ric wants to know what is going on and Jess crumbles – she tells him she is pregnant. Ric goes to walk out but when he sees Jess crying he comforts her. In S7 E17, a patient accidentally hits Jess and leaves a bruise above her eye. Later, Sean demands that Jess tell Ric the truth behind their break up – he is fed up with Ric thinking he is the guilty party. Zubin watches and the argument gets heated. Zubin goes to tell Ric that Jess has a bruise on her face and he thinks Sean may be mistreating her. Ric’s suspicions are further fuelled when Jess tells him she wants to get away for a while and stay with her mother. Ric is furious and pulls Sean into an empty office, pinning him against the wall. Zubin enters and tries to diffuse the situation. Sean tells Ric that the reason he and Jess split is because she did not want to be with him anymore so he asked her to move out. Zubin is shocked to learn Jess is pregnant. In S7 E19, Jess is back at work, she tells Ric that she has made up her mind – she does not love Sean. Sean tells Zubin that he has not heard from Jess since she has been at her mums – he is shocked when Zubin tells him she is back. Sean tries to talk to Jess but she is not interested. Zubin tells Jess that it is for the best if Sean is the father but if the baby is his he will support her. Jess lies that the baby is Sean’s but is upset to see that Zubin is relieved. In S7 E20, Jess is in pain, Sean insists that she get checked out in maternity. The baby is fine but she is slightly anaemic. Sean speaks to Ric and Zubin and tells them he is worried about Jess. They ask Zubin to speak to her as she may listen to him. Zubin relents and tries to talk to her but Jess feels suffocated and storms out of work. Sean follows and tells her he loves her. She blurts out that the baby is not his. In S7 E21, Jess realises that being a single mother will be hard and, when Sean asks if they can try again as friends, she readily accepts. In S7 E23, Sean tells Jess to stop taking him for granted. He wants to know if people will know the baby is not his, is the father white? Jess avoids his questions. In S7 E24, Jess begins to bleed and is rushed into maternity. She is taken into surgery to stop her losing the baby. During the procedure, Jess has an allergic reaction to an antibiotic but Zubin saves her. Whilst operating, Mubbs reveals that she is 22 weeks pregnant – Zubin looks shocked. When she awakes Jess tells Zubin that the baby is not Sean’s – she lied thinking Zubin would make her have a termination. Jess says Sean will make a good father. Zubin agrees that he will – but not to this baby. In S7 E25, Jess is still recovering from her operation. Sean comes to see her with some news – he asks Jess to marry him. Zubin enters and Jess tells her that Sean has proposed. Later, Zubin comes to see Jess and warns her she is making a mistake. He tells her he wants to take care of her. Jess’s face lights up – thinking he wants to be with her. Zubin says he can give her a car and a house and financial security. Jess is furious, realising he just wants to give her money. She says she refuses to be his dirty secret and that she has given up waiting for him. In S7 E26, Zubin tries to talk to Jess about Sean. She tells him she wants a man who loves her – not a financial arrangement. Jess is disappointed when Zubin says he hopes everything works out for them. Sean talks to Jess about wedding plans. Jess reminds him that she has not said yes yet and she wants to take things slowly. Sean takes this to mean that the way he proposed was the problem so he decides to ask for Ric’s blessing. When he is given it an overjoyed Sean tells Jess the news. He takes out a ring and proposes but they are interrupted by a patient. Later, Sean badgers Jess for an answer he warns her that he will not wait around forever. In S7 E27, Zubin tells Jess he is glad she is not rushing into marriage with Sean. She tells him this is none of his business and goes to tell Sean she will accept his proposal. Sean is elated and breaks the news to Ric who says they will have celebratory drinks in the bar that night. Zubin is shocked and speaks to Sean alone, attempting to put him off the marriage. Sean realises that Zubin is the father and warns him to stay away from Jess. Later, Zubin misses his meeting to convince Jess he loves her but she is not interested. Ric collects Zubin to take him for celebratory drinks. Zubin tells Ric he needs to talk to him and finally admits the truth that Jess is carrying his child – Ric is furious at being the last to know again and hits Zubin. In S7 E28, Jess reveals to Ric that she followed Zubin to Paris and that he did not seduce her. She turns round to see that Sean has overheard the conversation. They talk and Sean realises she does not love him, they decide to end their relationship. In S7 E30, at the ball, Zubin tries to talk to Jess. She says she knows about the suspension and is sympathetic but tells him she cannot be seen talking to him in front of Ric and walks away. In S7 E32, Zubin tells Jess he has lost the respect of everyone at work and has decided it is time to leave. Jess tries to talk him out of it and begs him to stay. They share an intimate cuddle. In S7 E33, Jess tells Zubin that she wants them to give their relationship another chance. The happy couple decide to tell Ric their news but he is furious. He warns Jess that he knows Zubin better than her and he will let her down.

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