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Cas Character

Julian Chapman

Played by Nigel le Vaillant


S5 E1 – S7 E14

Job Title

Junior Houseman (S5E1-S6E6); Consultant (S6E7 – S7E14)

First Words

(to Duffy) Have you found a bed for Mrs Hickson?


Julian was a very talented and skilled doctor, whose efficiency and precision was clearly shown in his work. However he clashed with people due to his impatient and moody attitude, and his tactlessness on occasions. HCA Maxine once said of him ‘it’s funny how doctors can be dead clever, but a bit stupid when it comes to real life’. Julian was also an ex-40-a-day smoker, and used to have a problem with alcohol.

He made his debut in S5 E1, and we see him unimpressed with Beth and Jimmy playing a joke on Ash, with a skeleton. In his first episode, he has to deal with many patients after a major riot at a football ground. A girl is brought in, who needed an emergency tracheotomy, Julian discovers she also has a crushed spine. Megan, who has just been to her estranged husband’s funeral, decides to come into work and help, and Julian manages to put his foot in it – and again in S5 E3, when Charlie is grieving for his old friend. Julian sees things in black and white, and although he has a hard exterior, he does care a lot for the welfare of his patients. In S5 E6, he is very angry at a father, who’s part of a religious sect, and refuses the permission to let his young daughter have a life saving blood transfusion. In S5 E11 he is also shocked when a son asks him to end his mother’s life – he refuses point blank. In S5 E12, we see one of Julian’s hobbies – paintballing. But during competition, his partner, Malcolm, falls off a rope ladder, dislocating his ankle. He takes him to casualty, still in full camouflage gear, much to the amusement of the staff.

At the beginning of Series 6, Julian and Duffy are called out, after some young outward bounders fall from a cliff edge. They are winched down from a helicopter, and Julian performs an emergency amputation on a boy’s leg. He also hears he has the chance of getting the Consultancy job and applies, although he is worried about competition, he celebrates in S6 E7 at getting the job. S6 E11 sees the debut of Sandra , already we see Julian is attracted to her – as is Jimmy! In S6 E12, after an unknown man dies from glue sniffing, Julian and Charlie clash over organ donation, and in S6 E15, Julian attends Beth’s leaving party, until they are called back after a plane crash. Julian and Ash go to the scene to assist with the many casualties.

At the start of Series 7, Julian again clashes with his new inexperienced SHO, Rob, who nearly kills his first patient by missing his vital condition. In this series he also tries to save a young boy, who collapses outside with sore throat. Julian tells his mother he has died. In S7 E5, he delivers a baby in the toilets and in S7 E7 he performs surgery on a woman who has a tennis racquet through her neck. Julian and Sandra become closer, they sing ‘A Hard Day’s Night’ at the karaoke evening together, and in S7 E8 they finally kiss. In S7 E10, he even comes in on his day off to support Sandra’s decision on a case involving a girl who’s taken ecstasy. Sandra repays him by visiting him at home after shift, and prescribing ‘bed rest’. In S7 E13, Julian urges Sandra to leave her husband, he also takes her daughter, Laura, to the circus, but after an acrobat is injured, he ends up back in A&E, and the staff are in no doubts to his and Sandra’s affair. In S7 E14, the tension between Julian and hospital management comes to a head, when he finds out they have been refused money to buy a vital piece of hospital equipment for patients with spinal injuries. Her argues furiously with Simon, before finally resigning infront of awaiting press outside. Simon tells him he does not want him to carry out his notice and he is to leave immediately. Sandra is shocked to hear from Charlie the news, although they want to carry on the relationship, they slowly drift apart. Julian says some short goodbyes, before getting into his black Mercedes and speeding off into the distance.

Memorable Moments

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