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Cas Actor

Julie Graham

Plays Alison McGrellis

DATE OF BIRTH : 24th July 1967

HEIGHT : 5ft 5

BORN : Glasgow

LIVES : Brighton

FAMILY : Mother, Betty Gillin, died aged 50 of lung cancer. On her mother’s death, ‘Not a day goes by when I don’t think of her, her death has made me aware that we should make the most of every day of our lives.’ Her father, John, left when she was a child, she has only met her natural father once, aged 19. At age 8, she gained a Step-Dad, writer/broadcaster David Webster.

PARTNER : Joseph Bennett ‘I’m very much in love, I think I may have just found the love of my life.’

Had a previous relationship with actor/musician Joe McGann, ‘Joe’s wonderful because he has no problem with women, he loves women, there’s a very female side to him and he would never feel the need to express himself with fists’. They met while appearing in ‘Cat on a Hot Tin Roof’ together.

CHILDREN : Has two children, Edie May (b.2004) and a second daughter, Cyd Betty (b.2006)

ON AN EX-BOYFRIEND : Julie was physically assaulted by an ex-partner for two years, ‘I usually hate it when celebrities attach themselves to a cause, it’s very easy for actors to stand on a platform and spout off on something they know very little about. But domestic violence is not a glamorous issue.’

PREVIOUS JOBS : Worked in a law office, and also on the doors of Pussy Galore strip club.

LIKES : Alternative therapies, acupuncture

TELEVISION CREDITS : The End of The Line – A View of Things; Houseman’s Tale; Taggart; Strike it Rich; Let Yourself Go; Napolean and Josephine; The Dark Room; Stan’s Wife; Bookie; Casualty; Boon; Downtown Lagos; Spender; 99-1; Harry; Bugs; Sharman; Love me Tender; Dalziel & Pascoe; Space Island One; Butterfly Collector; At Home With the Braithwaites; Dirty Tricks; William and Mary; Between the Sheets; Walk Away and I Stumble; The Kindness of Strangers; Afterlife; Marple; Mobile; The History of Mr Polly; Rebus; Bonekickers; Survivors; Vera; Lapland; More Than Words – Love Letters

FILM CREDITS : The Fruit Machine; Blood Red Roses; Nuns on the Run; The Silent Scream; The Big Man; Rosebud; The Near Room; Preaching to the Perverted; Daylight Robbery; Bedrooms and Hallways; Old New Borrowed Blue; Some Voices; Pressure Points; Tower Block

THEATRE CREDITS : Round the Twist; Beauty and the Beast; Les Liaisons Dangereuses; The Revenger’s Tragedy; The Park; Cat on a Hot Tin Roof; Helpless; Fool for Love; Enlightenment


AGENT : Troika, 3rd Floor, 74 Clerkenwell Road, London EC1M 5QA.


* Julie has two tattoos, one on her right arm of a green thistle, and a star on her left hand

* Julie used to set up workshops for the single parent organisation ‘One Plus’.

* As a teenager, Julie suffered from severe eczema, brought on by her mother’s death.

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