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Cas Actor

Kate Hardie

Plays Karen O’Malley

DATE OF BIRTH : 26th April 1969

FAMILY : Father, Bill Oddie and mother Jean Hart.

PREVIOUS RELATIONSHIPS : Actor Dorian Healy, portrait and fashion photographer Rankin Waddell and actor David Thewlis.

CHILDREN : Son, Lyle. (with Rankin Waddell)

TELEVISION CREDITS : Travelling Man; The Stars of the Roller Skate Disco; Casualty; Thin Air; The Men’s Room; A Small Dance; Under the Sun; Inspector Alleyn Mysteries; Safe; Smokescreen; Open Fire; Beyond Reason; Love Story; Rehab

FILM CREDITS : Runners; Number One; The Wings of Death; Revolution; Mona Lisa; Cry Freedom; Tree of Hands; Conspiracy; Melancholia; The Krays; Jack and Sarah; Sex Crimes – Conform and Deform; Heart; The Croupier; The Announcement; I Am Dina

THEATRE CREDITS : Little Red Riding Hood; Dead Sheep; Ghost Train; Peaches

RADIO CREDITS : Eyes Down; Downheavel; No Commitments

VOICEOVERS : Can You Live Without It


AGENT : Independant Talent Group, Oxford House, 76 Oxford Street, London W1D 1BS.


Since leaving CASUALTY, Kate Hardie has continued to work in television and made her mark in films including The Croupier. She now has been concentrating more on her work as a writer and director. She has written two feature films which are currently in development and has twice written for Channel Four’s Coming Up series. She is currently writing a comedy series for Talkback.

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