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Kim Vithana : Previous Appearance



CHARACTER : Rajini Parek

STORYLINE : A pregnant Asian woman, Rajini, throws herself down the stairs, because she fears her baby will be a girl. She sprains her wrist and her husband takes her to casualty. She retreats to the loos where she goes into labour. Julian and Sandra deliver a healthy baby boy. Rajini admits to her husband what she did, he is angry, as he didn’t mind the sex of the baby; she was comparing him to her father.



CHARACTER : Natalie Wade

STORYLINE : Pregnant Natalie Wade is brought in after going into labour. She is trying to give birth completely naturally, but it just takes longer and longer and she is in lots of pain, so she agrees to take an epidural and some medication to speed up the process. When she has given birth Lisa tries to get her to contact the father and after a while she agrees. When he comes to visit her, he says that he thought she said that he should not be part of the baby’s life. She says that the child need a father and asks if he is willing to be that.

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