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HC Character

Kyla Tyson

Played by Rakie Ayola


S8 E17 ‘I’ll Be Back’ – S11 E8 ‘Sweet Bitter Love’

Job Title

Ward Sister

First Words

(Diane nearly runs her over) Sorry!


Kyla is a Survivor. She’s been through a lot in her life, firstly losing out on her dream career as a runner and then escaping a violent marriage. Kyla is compassionate, feisty, gives others the benefit of the doubt, strong and loyal – but you wouldn’t want to cross her. Kyla has a habit of picking the wrong men, she’s inflexible once she’s made her mind up and can be volatile if pushed. She has come to Holby with her son Max eager to start anew.

Memorable Moments

Gallery : Kyla Tyson

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