Leslie Ash

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Plays Vanessa Lytton

DATE OF BIRTH : 19th February 1960

FAMILY : Sister, Debbie Ash

PARTNER : Husband, former footballer, Lee Chapman

CHILDREN : Two sons, Joseph (b.1990) and Max (b.1993)

HEALTH : In 2002 she had collagen implants to increase the size of her lips, but the procedure went wrong, leaving her with what the tabloid newspapers described as a “trout pout”. She has since had surgery in an attempt to correct the mistake and has warned other women about the potential perils of having cosmetic surgery.

In April 2004 she was nearly killed by the MSSA super-bug (similar to MRSA but treatable by antibiotics), contracted while being treated in hospital for a collapsed lung and fractured rib caused by an accident at home. In January 2008 she was awarded a record £5 million in compensation against the hospital, to cover past and future loss of earnings.

TELEVISION CREDITS :The Boy With Two Heads; Gentle Touch; Plays for Pleasure; Seconds Out; Holding the Fort; Shelley; Outside Edge; The Happy Apple; The Balance of Nature; The Two Ronnies; CATS Eyes; Home to Roost; The Marksman; Natural Causes; The Bill; Perfect Scoundrels; Love Hurts; Haggard; Stay Lucky; The Paul Merton Show; Bugs; Men Behaving Badly; Full Mountie; Where the Heart Is; Mersey Beay; Judge John Deed; Monkey Trousers; Holby City

FILM CREDITS : Rosie Dixon – Night Nurse; Quadrophenia; La ronde; Dead on Time; Curse of Pink Panther; Nutcracker; Murder – Ultimate Grounds for Divorce; Shadey

BOOK : Released ‘My Life Behaving Badly: The Autobiography’ in 2007

AGENT : Milburn Browning Associates, The Old Truman Brewery, 91 Brick Lane, London E1 6Q.

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