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Luke Roberts Interview

Actor Luke Roberts has already made a huge impression on fans as meticulous registrar Joseph Byrne, having joined the show at the beginning of the year. Kindly Luke took time out of his busy schedule to chat to


Actor Luke Roberts has already made a huge impression on fans as meticulous registrar Joseph Byrne, having joined the show at the beginning of the year. Kindly Luke took time out of his busy schedule to chat to

How did you get the role in HOLBY CITY? Having recently played a guest character, Daniel Fryor, help you in any way get the new part?

Certainly. I only had one scene as that character, but I hear it got the attention of the producers. Amanda Mealing put a good word in for me that day as well! What’s great is that Joseph is a very different character from Daniel.

How would you describe your character Joseph? Are you anything like your character in real-life?

I’m not really like Joseph. He is punctual and fastidious to the point of obsession. I am late for almost everything – except work ofcourse! Also if I can procrastinate and put something off, I will. On the other hand, he’s incredibly honest and morally upright, which I would like to be!

Joseph is haunted by his past which saw his brother commit suicide – will we see this have a huge affect on him?

How do you know this?! It underpins much of his behaviour. He is a man burdened by guilt and loss. I think I can be so bold as to say he transfers many of his feelings about his brother onto patients and staff alike, without over betraying the source of his pain.

Who would be Joseph’s ideal woman on HOLBY CITY?

Joseph is a man who surpresses and represses his emotions – especially regarding women. I think he harbours very strong feelings of admiration for Connie but is frankly surprised and secretly thrilled when any woman shows him affection. Although so far this is rare!

Did you have to do any research for your role in HOLBY CITY?

Absolutely. We were given the opportunity to witness open heart surgery at the heart hospital. I have also read up a little on a condition which takes hold of Joseph for a while.

Do you think you could be a medic in real-life?

I am constantly being reminded I am not a real doctor when I attempt to diagnose myself and others. Every bit of breathlessness and gurgling stomach is a pulmonary edema! After seeing my first episode, I don’t think anyone could consider me for medical school.

Did you used to watch HOLBY CITY before joining the cast?

When I signed up to play Daniel Fryor, I started watching Holby, although I missed that episode! So I kind of knew what was going on when I returned as Joseph (although ofcourse there is a 3 month gap between filming and airing).

You’ve appeared in a number of soaps including Family Affairs and Crossroads as well as being in Mile High. Did you enjoy working on these shows? How do they compare/ differ to working on HOLBY CITY?

I loved working on all those shows. They have been my training ground and each brought me into contact with an array of great actors, directors and crew members. Crossroads was so exciting because it was my first regular role and it was fun! Mile High took me to Spain three times last year. No complaints there! Family Affairs was brief but a nice cameo. The key difference is the character I’m playing on Holby. It’s so different – slightly eccentric even.

Have you always wanted to be an actor? Where did you train?

Yes – since dressing up as a scarecrow at the age of four and falling over onto my face, with my arms stretched out to the sides – in the name of reality and artistic integrity. (scarecrows don’t bend!). I trained at LAMDA.

Which actors/ actresses do you admire?

I admire a lot of actors. In film, Gene Hackman, Al Pacino, Ray Winstone, Helen Mirren. The list is endless!

Away from the busy filming schedules, what do you like doing in your spare time?

Going to the movies! Salsa-dancing, ski-ing, reading, gym, playing pirates with my nephew. I would like to take up ice hockey but not sure my contract will allow it!


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