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Cas Character

Maggie Coldwell

Played by Susan Cookson


S19 E22 ‘The Cost of Honesty’ – S22 E48 ‘The Mess We’re In (Part Two)’; S23 E31 ‘All You Need is Love’

Job Title


First Words

(In supermarket, on mobile phone to daughter); Oh sweetheart, you’ve only been going out with him a couple of weeks!


Maggie Coldwell is a tough and fair doctor. She’s professional, however will go against the book if it means doing good for the patient. Enjoying the frontline, she’s a team player but doesn’t always do as she’s told. She is a good listener, and gives non-judgmental advice. Maggie has two teenage children, Joanne and Jamie.

Due to start work in S19 E22, her shift starts prematurely while at the supermarket, she heads to help a boy who has been knocked down by a hit and run driver. She introduces herself to the paramedics as the new registrar. Back at the hospital, she tips of the victim’s parents when the driver is brought in. She also stands her ground when Guppy’s father makes unreasonable demands. In S19 E26, a couple, Jamie and Donna are brought in after claiming to have been attacked by thugs. Maggie and Charlie don’t believe their story and assume Jamie has been hurting his girlfriend. When Jamie is found collapsed in the toilets, they discover he has severe bulimia and that Donna is the one with the temper. In S19 E27, Maggie and Charlie treat a soldier, Kenny, who has fallen 30ft from a tunnel. Suicide is at first suspected until a revelation from his young daughter make them realise he had climbed a tree to collect feathers and had fallen accidentally. In S19 E31, Maggie is stressed and irritable, over a forthcoming exam. Selena tries to persuade her to take time off, but Maggie refuses. She does not want to draw attention to her exam by taking time off. In S19 E33, Maggie almost fails to get away on time for an important exam as she treat patient with terminal cancer. Woody and Luke save the day by giving Maggie a lift to the airport so she can catch her flight. In S19 E36, she finds out she has passed her exams. In S19 E38, Maggie’s mum and Dad, Irene and Stan, come in. Her mum tells Maggie that her dad has Alzheimer’s. In S19 E39, Stan’s condition is worsening and he no longer recognises his daughter Maggie. Later Stan goes missing and is found on the street with an injured hand. Irene tells Maggie she cannot cope with him anymore. In S19 E41, Maggie is looking after her Dad at home. She is called in to work and her son Jamie reluctantly agrees to look after him. At work Bex tells Maggie that Jamie has been calling her, she tells Bex that she does not want to speak to him unless it is an emergency. Later, Maggie worries about Stan and asks Harry if she can go home but Harry refuses to let her. Maggie realises her father needs her and she tearfully begs Guppy to cover her shift for her. Guppy agrees and Maggie rushes home. She gets there just in time to discover Stan has started a small fire in the kitchen. A frustrated Maggie loses her temper and shouts at Stan. In S19 E42, Jamie comes into the hospital and tells Maggie that he has left Stan alone in the house – he cannot concentrate on his studies and needs Maggie at home looking after him, Maggie despairs. In S19 E43, Maggie faces a dilemma when she’s on a promise to see her daughter’s play but is tied up in a patient’s case. In S19 E45, Jamie brings Stan to work saying he cannot cope with him anymore. Maggie leaves her father in the staff room but is at her wits end when she later finds him wandering around in his underwear. In S19 E46, Maggie goes home to check on her father and finds him in the garden. She arrives just as he trips and falls into the pond, hurting his shoulder. At the hospital, Maggie tells him about the care home and he agrees to go.

In S20 E1, Maggie’s daughter is involved in a building collapse at an unstable block of flats. Maggie is not pleased when she sees new nurse Bruno. They have worked together in the past and there is tension between the two of them. However, Bruno is shocked when he hears that Maggie’s husband Steve is dead. Joanne is brought into hospital and Bruno decides to make a secretive phone call. Later, Bruno greets Steve Coldwell, a prisoner who arrives in a prison van. Harry informs Maggie and her shocked son that her husband has been granted compassionate leave to visit Joanne. In S20 E2, Jamie is shocked to discover that his father is alive and has been in prison for years – and that Maggie lied to him. Steve talks to Maggie and tries to convince her that he has changed but she is not interested. Steve tells Maggie that Joanne started contact with him after Maggie’s Dad Stan let it slip that he was still alive. He says it’s now up to the children not her, if he’s in their lives. Maggie confronts Bruno, demanding to know why he interfered and called the prison. But when Joanne awakes and asks Steve to stay, Jamie sees what he thinks is a family reunion and storms off. He tells Maggie he is leaving home. In S20 E16, the staff are unhappy with the four-hour rule being enforced on them. Maggie turns spokesperson for the group telling Harry that they’re fed up with his new non-patient care act. In S20 E21, Maggie overhears Bruno bragging to Kelsey that he recently didn’t attend a course but still got paid for it. Maggie forces Bruno to re-book the course but without payment this time. Bruno is furious and deliberately winds Maggie up about the four-hour rule. He then records her rant on his mobile and gives it to a journalist, who is in the department to write a story. Next episode, in S20 E22 an article in The Gazette is printed which quotes her word perfect. Nathan accused her of talking to the press which she strongly denies. In S20 E23, Maggie treats a junkie who dies of liver failure, she is upset that her death could have been avoided with earlier treatment. In S20 E25, following Bruno’s recent arrest, Nathan makes an apology to Maggie. She calls in a favour, saying she’d like to set up a hep b clinic in the department. In S20 E26, the clinic is opened but Nathan still has his doubts. Maggie loses her temper with a woman who is allowing her daughter to be a prostitute. In S20 E31, Selena is still concerned that Nathan is stalking her following their split. Together with Maggie, she raids his office and they are shocked to find CCTV footage of her. Nathan catches them but he claims has an explanation for his actions. In S20 E32, Charlie’s son Louis is brought in after a skating accident. Louis takes a real shine to Maggie and after his friend teases him that his Dad is gay because he lives with Josh, Louis claims Maggie is his girlfriend. In S20 E33, Maggie gets a romantic email from a stranger. She asks Alice to find out who is behind it and is surprised by the answer – it’s Charlie. However when she subtly tries to broach the subject with him, she’s not convinced he knows what she’s talking about. In S20 E34, Maggie and Charlie arrange to go out on a date but soon realise they have been set up and that Louis is the culprit. Maggie, who is celebrating her 40th birthday, is shocked when her husband, Steve, turns up saying that he wants to talk to her. Steve says he has a job teaching English in Malaysia, and wants the children to join him there. She is not happy at the news. In S20 E35, Maggie’s son Jamie comes into the department. Realising her guilt from lying to her son, she knows this time she must do the right thing. She tells him and Joanne about Malaysia and convinces them it will be a good idea for them to go with their dad, however in reality Maggie is gutted when they agree. In S20 E36, Maggie supports a young patient, Amy, who is found to have male organs. She also learns of an upcoming Consultant’s position. In S20 E37, Harry talks to Maggie about her interview for the post and warns her she will need to watch her temper. However, she is soon arguing with Nathan and has to swallow her pride and apologise. In S20 E39, Maggie is sceptical about getting the job following her interview, feeling Nathan will go with his candidate, John. But at the end of shift Harry breaks the news, she has won the position. In S20 E40, Nathan is frosty towards Maggie on her first day in her new position. He calls in on Harry and says funding for her Consultant’ post is now not being made available and leaves Harry to tell her the bad news. Maggie is upset. In S20 E41, the hospital advertises a new associate specialist position. Maggie is furious having recently had her new Consultant’s job cut. Tensions grow between her and Selena next episode when Selena gets the new job, but they later clear the air. In S20 E43, Maggie is more furious when Nathan decides to close the hep b clinic following a patient that causes the ceiling to collapse. In S20 E45, Maggie decides to cheer up Tess, and the girls go bowling.

In S21 E1, Maggie and Harry are learning to work with a new doctor, Somnang, on exchange from Cambodia. Somnang infuriates Harry with a flippant comment and also angers Maggie, however by next episode their relationship takes an unexpected turn when they make up and kiss in the staff room. Meanwhile in Cambodia, Charlie is declaring his feelings for Maggie to Duffy and says when he returns, he will tell her. However in S21 E5, Charlie cancels a drink with Maggie when he learns from Kelsey about her romance with Somnang. In S21 E7, Maggie walks in on Selena and Nathan kissing. Selena tries to explain but Maggie is angry and thinks that Nathan is favouring Selena because of their relationship. The atmosphere between the pair is tense and when they treat a patient together it doesn’t help the situation. In S21 E12, Maggie and Charlie are called out to an accident at a cafe where a homeless woman is amongst those trapped. Following this, Maggie agrees to go out on a date with Charlie. In S21 E20, Maggie treats a disillusional elderly woman who claims her neice is poisoning her. When she hears Selena is considering Nathan’s marriage proposal, she says her patient isn’t the only one disillusional.

Memorable Moments

  • S19 E22 – Maggie starts her first shift early after an accident at the supermarket.
  • S19 E38 – Maggie learns her father has Alzheimers.
  • S20 E1 – Bruno uncovers a secret Maggie has hidden from her children
  • S20 E35 – Maggie puts on a brave face as her two children leave for Malaysia.
  • S21 E2 – Maggie and Somnang share a kiss.

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