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HC Character

Mickie Hendrie

Played by Kelly Adams


S6 E24 ‘Baptism of Fire’ – S8 E47 ‘Star Maker’

Job Title


First Words

[Rosie asks if she should set up the ultra sound for a patient they are bringing onto maternity] I know, I’m fine, I work, I’ve done it. Oh and I opened a new box of gloves, I like to keep a spare pair.


Mickie is an enthusiastic and diligent worker. She takes herself quite seriously and is ambitious to further her career. As well as self doubt regarding her work, she is also becoming more aware of her sexuality though is still naïve when it comes to relationships.

Mickie joins the midwifery team from S6 E24. She appears efficient, however, she is disconcerted by Mubbs’s attempts at humour, and her leaden response soon dampens his efforts. She also questions Mubbs’s judgement but, as the case unfolds, realises she may be trying too hard. At the end of the day, Owen takes Donna and Mickie out for a drink, but they don’t give the best first impression. Mickie gets horrendously drunk, while Donna invites herself to move in with Jess and Lisa. In S6 E25, Owen tells Lisa that he is concerned that Mickie has a crush on him. In S6 E27, Owen is still worried that Mickie fancies him and feels he has to address it when she asks him for a drink to discuss her work. His resumptions take her totally by surprise because she sees him as old enough to be her father, and they are both embarrassed. In S6 E35, Donna discovers Mickie drunk in the bar and about to go home with a lecherous stranger. When confronted, Mickie tells Donna that she is a virgin. Unfazed by her friend’s announcement, Donna takes her home, telling her that she will help her lose her virginity – but with a more suitable man. In S6 E36, Donna arrives late again, after having been out all night. She gives her clothes to Mickie to put away and Mickie finds a wrap of speed in the pocket and drops it in front of Owen. He is furious but says he will not report her -this time. Mickie shouts at Donna, who is more concerned with having the speed returned. In S6 E39, after a hard day at work, Mickie, Donna, and Jess go back to the flat for a few drinks. Lisa returns home from work and, not happy with the party, goes to bed. Heeding her advice, Jess follows suit. Left alone, Mickie and Donna get drunk, and a play fight leads to a passionate kiss. In S6 E40, Mickie wakes up in Donna’s bed and soon comes to terms with their lesbian tryst, but Donna is uncomfortable. Later, Donna tells Mickie that last night meant nothing and cannot happen again, but she does not want to lose her as a friend. Mickie tries to hide her feelings; she makes her excuses and leaves – clearly hurt. In S6 E41, Mickie feels uncomfortable around Donna, who resolves to repair their friendship, and she is frustrated when Donna gets them tickets to see a lesbian band that night. Donna jokes with Mickie about her sexuality and the two become friends again. In S6 E42, Donna is behind on her rent, and Lisa is fed up with her lies and attitude at work, so she tells her to move out – that night. With nowhere else to stay – she asks Mickie if she can stay with her but she also refuses, leaving a tearful Donna spending the night in the relatives’ room. In S6 E44, Mickie helps Will to perform emergency heart surgery. Will is impressed by her ability and tells her that she should consider retraining as a surgeon. In S6 E46, Mickie tells Donna she is thinking about becoming a doctor. Donna disapproves, saying Mickie would no longer want to be friends with a lowly nurse if she were a doctor. In S6 E47, Mickie still wants to go to medical school and asks Will to help with her application. However, her confidence is dealt a blow when Mubbs points out her inexperience. She bins her application and tells Will she does not know whether she will still apply. In S6 E52, Mickie’s mum, Siobhan – also a midwife, brings a home birth patient on to the ward. Under her mum’s watchful eye, Mickie feels stifled and tells her she is going to stay with Donna. After a hard day at work, Mickie is feeling low. Donna tells her she has some pills which will cheer her up and puts them in Mickie’s pocket.

In S7 E1, Mickie is devastated when a patient dies shortly after giving birth. Donna promises to cheer her up that night but when Mickie gets home Lisa informs her that Donna has gone out on a date. Mickie feels abandoned and takes one of the pills Donna gave her last week. She goes into town to meet some midwives in a bar and ends up being sick in an alleyway. A man attacks her and runs off with her bag. In S7 E2, Mickie comes to work with a bruise on her face and tells Lisa that she took drugs and was attacked. Lisa is shocked but understanding, blaming Donna for giving her the pills and for abandoning Mickie when she was in need. Lisa tells Mickie that she no longer has to sleep on the sofa and offers her Donna’s room. In S7 E5, Mickie’s mum is called in to deal with a patient. Mickie and her mum have not spoken since Mickie moved out. The patient loses her baby and it brings Mickie closer to her mother, but she says she will not move back home. In S7 E14, Mickie tries to warn Jess that lying to [ID 1440]Sean[/ID] and pretending the baby is his will get her into trouble – Jess warns her to mind her own business. Donna tells Mickie that she has set her up a blind date for her with one of her lesbian friends. Mickie is not impressed and tells her she will set up her own dates. She ends up kissing Mubbs. In S7 E15, Mubbs talks to Mickie about their kiss last week. He asks her to go for a drink that night and she accepts. Donna reminds Mickie she is gay and should not be going out with Mubbs. Mickie decides to go out to a gay bar with Donna that night. She tells Mubbs she is now going out with Donna but he invites himself. Mickie persuades Will to come too so that Mubbs will not get the wrong idea. At the gay bar Donna is angry that Mickie has brought the two men – she has brought her lesbian friend Chelsea who she wants to set Mickie up with. Mubbs is shocked to find out he is in a gay bar. When he sees Chelsea talking to Mickie he puts his arm round her protectively and says ‘she is with me’ – Chelsea walks off. A frustrated Mickie tells Mubbs the kiss was a mistake and she is not attracted to him – he storms off. Will comes over and wonders why they chose this bar. Mickie tells him she is gay but asks him to keep it a secret, Will agrees. In S7 E16, There is friction between Mubbs and Mickie all day. She pesters him to talk about what happened last week. Finally, Mubbs snaps and takes her into his office. He screams that he is sick of being led on by women. Later Mickie tells Mubbs the reason she is not interested in him – she is gay. In S7 E17, Mickie shadows Connie for the day as part of Lisa’s mentoring scheme. Lisa and Connie clash when Lisa insists Mickie is not qualified to assist with a procedure. Connie ignores Lisa and allows Mickie to work with her. Mickie is impressed by Connie’s professionalism and develops a crush on her. At the end of the shift she asks Connie to go for a drink with her – Connie politely declines. In S7 E21, Donna goes for a job at the bar and gets Mickie to help her by lying and telling the manager, Jodie, that she has bar experience, which she hasn’t. In S7 E22, Mickie tells Connie she has agreed to be mentored by Will from now on and she shadows him throughout the day. That night, Mickie sees Jodie is struggling behind the bar and offers to help her. Jodie starts to get breathless and feverish and Mickie convinces her to go to the hospital. As a favour Will examines Jodie, but she is cagey about her symptoms. She tells Will she recognises him from the article in the paper and asks if he is a war hero. Jodie insists that she feels better but Mickie persuades her to come back to her place so she can keep an eye on her. Back home they flirt and end up kissing. In S7 E23, Jodie wakes at Mickie’s house, she goes to have a shower but collapses in the bathroom unable to breathe. Mickie takes her to the hospital and asks Will to examine her. When Mickie leaves Jodie and Will talk and it is obvious that they knew each other from the corp. and have some history. Connie operates on Jodie and is forced to remove her lung. When she awakes and hears the news Jodie blames Will for ruining her life – again. Mickie assumes that the pair were once an item and storms out. In S7 E24, Mickie asks Jodie for the truth about her and Will. Jodie reveals that they were in Sierra Leone together. Will oversaw a mission which resulted in Jodie being wounded. Will then botched her operation, leaving her with permanent health problems. Later, Mickie spies Jodie in the car park and rushes over. Jodie gets into her car – Mickie tries to stop her but she speeds off and drives her car straight at Will – crashing into scaffolding. The debris covers both Will and the car – Mickie looks on helpless. In S7 E25, Connie and Mickie go to Will’s assistance. They finally manage to remove him from the debris and take him to theatre, where they are unable to save him. Meanwhile, Jodie pleads with Mickie to help her, claiming the crash was an accident. But after hearing of Will’s death, she decides to turn Jodie in. In S7 E26, at Will’s memorial service, Mickie speaks to his wife Susan, saying that she blames herself for Will’s death, Susan reassures her that it was nothing to do with her. In S7 E27, Owen tells Mickie she should take time off until she gets over Will’s death. Mickie says that she would rather be at work to take her mind off things. Later, Mickie interferes with Lizzie’s treatment when she suggests a risky caesarean to save both babies after Lizzie discovers she has twin to twin syndrome, where one baby is not receiving enough nutrients. Before the operation is to go ahead, Lizzie suffers pains – one baby has already died and Owen speedily delivers the other healthy twin. It’s clear, however, that Mickie is still traumatised about Will’s death.

Memorable Moments

  • S6 E36 – Owen catches Mickie with Donna’s drugs.S6 E40 – Donna tells Mickie their night was a one-off


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