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HC Character

Mo Effanga


Played by Chizzy Akudolu


S14 E32 ‘Double Bubble’ – S19 E36 ‘For the Love of Maureen’; S20 E47 ‘One of Us’ – S20 E52 ‘Best Christmas Ever’

Job Title

Specialist Registrar, Cardiothoracic Surgery

First Words

Jonny and Mo are waiting for Elliot. Jonny is impatient, tapping his foot.

Mo : Foot!

Jonny : Did he say a time?

Mo : Nope, just meet him here. You could meditate!


Mo grew up with her mother, Ina and two sisters Adele and Celia. During her time at Holby, she discovered her biological mother was infact Ina’s sister, Violet. Her father, Clifford George. Current partner, Derwood Thompson.


Mo was a surrogate mother to a boy, William. She also has one son, Hector, from her relationship with Derwood.


A passionate believer that our bodies are merely on loan to us, Mo is generous, plain-speaking and warm-hearted. As a transplant specialist she builds long term relationships with her patients and goes the extra mile to ensure their very best care. She arrives at Holby with ally and best mate, Jonny. Disorganised and chaotic in her personal life, if there’s a disastrous man on the horizon, she’ll find him!

We are first introduced to Mo in S14 E32 when she joins Darwin’s new Transplant Team with Jonny. Jac is particularly not happy with the intention on them and is unimpressed to notice Mo is also heavily pregnant. In S14 E41, Mo goes into labour and it is finally revealed that Mo is having a surrogate pregnancy for another woman, Sorcia. Sorcia, due to be her birthing partner is delayed and Jac is forced to help her give birth. Mo gives birth to a baby boy and hands him over to Sorcia, left to face the consequences of her surrogacy alone.  In S14 E44, Mo is back at work after giving up her baby and insists to Jonny that she is fine, but Jonny is not so sure whether Mo is physically or mentally strong enough to be back at work yet. When Mo sees Sorcia at the hospital, Sorcia tries to persuade her to see the baby. Mo is at first reluctant but decides to make a tearful visit. In S14 E46, Mo is disappointed when Jonny reveals he cannot go to her family party because of his auntie’s birthday. Feeling bad, Jonny decides to try and set Mo up with Mr Thompson (her obstetrician). Mo is furious when she finds out what he’s been up to, especially when she realises he lied about his auntie’s birthday as he’s actually going on a weekend away with Jac. In S14 E47, Mo is feeling isolated from Jonny after he lied to her about seeing Jac. When a complicated medical dilemma arrives in the shape of a Jehovah’s Witness who wants a bloodless operation, Mo and Jac are divided over how best to proceed. In S14 E49, Jac is worried that the hospital are gossiping about her and Jonny.  When she sees Ollie and Mo whispering she jumps to conclusions and takes it out on Mo when they have to work together on a case.   In S14 E50, Jac and Ollie are away at a conference. When Jonny and Mo find Ollie’s phone left in the locker room, they can’t resist pulling a prank on Tara.

Memorable Moments

  • S14 E32 – Mo is welcomed onto Darwin in a new Transplant Team.
  • S14 E41 – A reluctant Jac helps surrogate mother Mo give birth.
  • S14 E44 – Mo emotionally visits the baby she gave away to surrogacy.

Pinterest – Mo Effanga – Chizzy Akudolu

Love Interests

  • Derwood Thompson

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