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Nadine Lewington Interview

Nadine Lewington plays popular medic Maddy Young on Holby City and talks to about her role.


Nadine Lewington joined the cast of HOLBY CITY in January 2007 and has since become one of the show’s most popular characters. We talk to her about her time on the medical drama so far…

You’ve been on HOLBY CITY over a year now, are you still enjoying your time on the show?

I enjoy it more as I wade through the years. Like with any ensemble work, the more time spent as a team, working together and discovering each others rhythms, dynamics and struggles, the better. And because of that, more fun. I certainly feel more settled and confident. Part of something. It was all a bit daunting for a while.

Maddy is a popular character on the boards, why do you think she has such a strong fanbase?

Is she? How lovely! I think it’s because she’s identifiable. People understand her motives and see that she has no hidden agenda. She’s emotional but strong, cheeky but kind. I rather like her so I’m glad others do to!

How are you similar/ different from Maddy personality-wise?

He he! My good pal, Sir Robert Powell has said that a character is often only yourself turned 3 degrees. I think this to be true of Maddy and I. There ARE similarities. Although she’s smarter than me, she does the daftest things!! She’s says things I wouldn’t. But when she cries, I cry and when she smiles, I smile.

Fans enjoyed the romantic tension between Maddy and Dan, how would you describe Dan and Maddy’s relationship? What was it like working with Peter Wingfield?

Peter Wingfield is the most adorable person and colleague. I loved working with him, and much like Dan did for Maddy, he took me under his wing and gave me compliments when I needed them and advice when I was being rubbish!! A real sweetheart, with incredible charisma.

Maddy doesn’t have anyone in her life that she can count on. Dan was her family and that’s what hurt so bad. I guess to have Dan as a lover would mean that he would never go away. She wouldn’t have to share him. Dan loved Maddy sincerely which is why he didn’t want to risk hurting her anymore than he already had. He was too messed up to be good for anyone and he knew it.

Who do you think Maddy’s ideal man in Holby is? Could either Sam or Linden be more of a match for her?

Neither. She’s waiting for a new hunk!!

Who are your closest friends on Set? Do you get much time for socialising outside of work hours?

There’s always time for socialising!! Who you are closest with is very much determined by who you actually see. Too many to list. But really, they’re all ace.

You’ve twice appeared with the Holby cast singing on Children in Need – did you enjoy performing these?

I know! I had the time of my LIFE…WOO HOO! Loved every second. Although I was was gibbering wreck before the live performance of ‘Respect’. Sharon D Clarke was amazing, not a whisper of fear. I however was convinced that I was going to forget everything and stare blankly into the eyes of 14 million viewers or however many squillions there were watching. All went well though and I’ve got a little bit of history in my dvd collection ready for the grand kiddies!!

You’ve also had a guest appearance in sister show CASUALTY – what memories do you have from this? What did your character storyline involve?

I was a young married mum of one with another on the way. I loved my little bump. My wreckless hubbie had had a motorbike accident, in which a baby was injured, after promising to give the bikes up. I threatened to leave him, Charlie Fairhead gave him what for and told him how lucky he was to have me and he promised to be model father after all. Happily ever after. It was a really sweet little story actually. Very touching.

Who or what inspired you to become an actress? Who are your favourite actors/ actresses?

I have always wanted to become an actor and in my heart have always been one. “Life is an act, if you want to get along!” someone very wise once told me. I took the long way round to becoming professional. Normal cycle of school, college, Uni then did a post grad at drama school. It was the only thing that I knew I was good at and yes… I loved it. Knowing that your good at something at school however is challenged daily once leaving, but by that time, I was well and truly hooked.

My favourite actors tend to be ones that take risks but that are genuine and truthful in their execution. I recently saw a beautiful film called “Waking the Dead”, (not to be confused with the TV programme) in which Billy Crudup and Jennifer Connelly give outstanding performances. Growing up my favourite girlie actors were Juliete Lewis, Julie Walters and Samantha Moreton. But these days, having watched so many more great films, my favourites change daily!

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

Entertaining…. Clearing up!

How did you and the cast feel about the show’s recent BAFTA win?



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