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Cas Actor

Peter Guinness

Plays Elliot Matthews

WIFE : Actress Roberta Taylor

ON CHARACTER ELLIOT : ‘He is infact a champion of the NHS and wants the staff to have what they need to do a job and to be properly rewarded for what they do, but there’s a budget and he’s answerable to his bosses. Poor Elliot is stuck between a rock and a hard place. But I hope viewers will see his human face.’

TELEVISION CREDITS : Smiley’s People; By the Sword Divided; Family Ties Vacation; The Woman in Black; Old Flames; The Widowmaker; The Casebook of Sherlock Holmes; The Cloning of Joanna May; Spender; Shakespeare – The Animated Tales; Rhodes; Casualty; Stay Lucky; Highlander; Heartbeat; Tales from the Crypt; The Bill; C15 – The New Professionals; Harbour Lights; Hostile Waters; Ivanhoe; Esther; Arabian Nights; Jack and the Beanstalk – The Real Story; Lexx; Red Cap; Coronation Street; The Peterloo Massacre; Murphy’s Law; Bleak House; Sea of Souls; City of Vice; New Tricks; Silent Witness; 1066; Doctor Who; Ashes to Ashes; Zen; Hidden

FILM CREDITS : The Keep; Alien 3; Christopher Colombus – The Discovery; The Saint; Sleepy Hollow; Greenfingers; Out of Time; The Conclave; Centurion

BOOKS : Appears in ‘CASUALTY : Behind the Scenes’ by Rachel Silver.

AGENT : Cassie Mayer Ltd, 5 Old Garden House, The Lanterns, Bridge Lane, London SW11 3AD.

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