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Cas Character

Elliot Matthews

Played by Peter Guinness


S12 E1 – S12 E26

Job Title

General Manager

Last words

Penny: That’s me out of a job, then.

Elliot: Join the club!


New manager Elliot Matthews arrived at Holby in S12 E1, after swapping frozen pea marketing for the wards of Holby. He was reserved, even in the beginning and seemed a little unsure in his job.

He was forced to hit the ground running when in S12 E3 a drug trafficker is shot dead in A&E by his business rival. The staff are all shaken and call for better security in the department. However, when money is made available in S12 E5 Elliot makes more enemies than friends when he decides to spend it on refurbishment, instead of increasing security. Elliot also finds it tough when [ID 318]Jack[/ID] wrongly declares a patient, Hannah Thomas dead in S12 E7, after he decides not to attempt resuscitating her. After the woman is discovered to be breathing, Jack quickly blames the nurses for his mistake. In S12 E8, Hannah’s relatives complain and Elliot has to conduct an investigation, taking statements from Charlie and Jack. Elliot is also faced with tough decisions when Kate is caught shoplifting in S12 E9. He has a talk with her in S12 E10 and suggests that her shoplifting may be stress related, and her way of dealing with Trevor’s death. He recommends counselling and makes it clear she will still have a job after. Kate refuses the counselling, saying she doesn’t know what she wants. Elliot is left short staffed and stressed when she quits at the end of her shift. This stress worsens when relatives of Hannah get in touch with Elliot in S12 E11. He tells Jack that there is new information regarding the case which suggests Hannah was diagnosed in haste and her medical records altered to protect Jack once the mistake had been discovered. Elliot also mentions that other members of staff have complained about Jack’s behaviour, but refuses to name names. Towards the end of his shift Jack tells Baz he is leaving to find his pregnant fiancé. Elliot annoys Baz in S12 E12 when he asks her to postpone her holiday to cover for Jack. She refuses point blank, even more forcefully when he asks her as a friend. On the plus side he says that Hannah’s relatives won’t press charges as long as they get a memorial bench outside the hospital and a letter of apology. When new nurse Eve arrives in S12 E13 she quickly impresses Elliot with her skill and enthusiasm. When Elliot observes a major RTA in S12 E17 he isn’t sure how to act. He sees a man save a girls life before falling back into the flames. He tries to help but is unsure what to do. He and Mark manage to get the man out of the flames but he dies in Resus. This affects Elliot a lot more than anyone notices, and he begins to become distracted, spending less and less time in A&E. It is eventually Charlie who takes control when a power cut in S12 E18 affects the department. Elliot’s absence does not go unnoticed and in S12 E19 Sunny jokes around by putting up “Missing” posters for Elliot around A&E. Charlie is becoming worried about Elliot and tears the posters down. Elliot’s tetchy manner begins to annoy the staff in S12 E21, however. It is only when he breaks down in Resus, blaming himself for the man who died in the RTA, that the staff realise how much the incident has affected him. Charlie offers to arrange counselling. Elliot comes under fire again when the news of Tina’s rape is broken to the department in S12 E22. Mark lashes out at Elliot, saying it was Tina who always wanted better security. The situation worsens when Elliot checks the security tapes. The picture is blurred and nothing can be made out, rendering them useless. Elliot loses it and yells, blaming himself. Charlie calms him down and suggests counselling again, but Elliot walks away. He tries to redeem himself in S12 E24 by arranging a self-defence course for Tina, Sam, Sunny, Amy and Eve, however it is revealed that due to the poor quality of the security tapes it will be incredibly difficult for Tina to press charges. Elliot is increasingly losing his control and respect in the department, and begins to recognise that he needs some help and rest. Marsha, his boss, talks to Elliot in S12 E26, telling him he had no right to take on extra staff when he lets Duffy and the others help out. He says that it was needed and he had to make a decision. Annoyed with him – she suggests that it’d be best if he left. He says she’s right, and he’ll clear his desk. Later he attends Charlie and Baz’s wedding, and as Baz tells him she’s looking for a new job he tells her to ‘Join the club’.

Memorable Moments

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