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Cas Character

Charlie Fairhead

Played by Derek Thompson


S1 E1 ‘Gas’ –

Job Title

Series 1-3: Charge Nurse
Series 4-5: Nursing Officer
Series 6-15: Clinical Nurse Manager
Series 16: Clinical Nurse Manager/Clinical Nurse Specialist
Series 17-18: Clinical Nurse Manager
Series 19-current: Senior Charge Nurse & Emergency Nurse Practitioner

First Words

[to Susie] Have you?


In the early years, Charlie was a ‘jack the lad’, he had curly brown hair, and was a heavy smoker – trying to quit the habit. He drove a yellow beetle car – a junk of a car, because he was saving up to pay for his Mum’s hip replacement operation. Charlie had a great sense of humour – but also a terrible temper – he is also known for his characteristic of standing with his hands in his pockets or rubbing the back of his head!

His first relationship is with SHO Baz Samuels, their short romance begins in S1 E7. However she tells him she can’t commit to she can’t commit to a proper relationship. Charlie discovers at work, she has been taking ‘speed’ to keep her awake at night, and criticises her for taking them. The couple continue to flirt through the series until she finds out she is pregnant in S1 E13. She keeps it a secret from Charlie and has an abortion without telling him. In S1 E14, it is only after all the rumours are flying around, that she confesses to Charlie it was his child. He is shocked and angry, but she does not regret it.

In S2 E1, Charlie received a note from Baz, saying she has left Holby for a new job. On the rebound from Baz, Charlie spends the nights with nurse Karen. He later tells her it was a one-off. In S2 E6, Charlie nearly falls down a crevice in an underground cave, and in S2 E8 he receives a letter saying he has won £5,000 in the Premium Bonds – he considers buying a Cadillac, but spends the money on his Mum’s operation, and buys himself a £600 Landrover.

In S3 E4, David and Charlie conflict over breaching patient confidentiality. Charlie takes Duffy to see Peter’s grave for the first time. In S3 E9, Valerie tells Charlie the department has got to make economies – Kuba faces the sack. In S3 E10, Charlie asks Administrator, Valerie out on a dinner date, which she accepts.

In S4, Charlie catches Megan taking Valium, he urges her to stop, as a friend and a colleague. He is also angry at the lack of funding towards Holby A&E, which he cares about deeply.In S5, he is upset when his friend dies, after collapsing in an Orthopedic ward – he becomes depressed and starts drinking. This time, it’s Megan who advises him. At the end of S5, things come to head, when a schizophrenic man holds Megan hostage in CRASH. Charlie goes in as a porter in disguise – but is shot in the chest.He survives, to make it to S6, at a bereavement counselling session in S6 E3, he meets Trish, a Social Worker – who he is attracted to. They have a few dates, but Trish doesn’t like the fact he is obsessed with his job, and that they never see eachother. In S6 E15, he suggests they get married, but she just walks away.

In S7, Charlie is single and lonely – Duffy even asks him to spend Christmas dinner with her. Charlie becomes increasingly withdrawn, and reluctantly sees a psychiatrist in S7 E22, who diagnoses him with depression. At the end of the shift, he argues with Duffy, messes up his office and collapses on the floor, from the stress.

In S8, gay nurse, Ken, develops a close relationship with Charlie, but later he realises he completely misread Charlie’s intentions. Charlie is shocked when Ken tells him how he feels. When Charlie is told Ken’s contract isn’t to be renewed – he is faced with telling him the bad news. In S8 E13, Duffy leaves – he is upset that his old friend is going and they have a tearful goodbye. In S8 E15, Charlie has a brief fright, over Christmas dinner, when he starts choking on a piece of bread – luckily porter, Frankie’s swift action saves him. He also has a brief fling with Jane. At the end of S8 E24, Charlie is celebrating his 40th birthday, but he is not happy. He says he has been a nurse for 20 years, but can’t remember why he entered the profession. He even writes out a resignation letter – but throws it away. In this episode, he also has to evacuate the department and talk round a man, who is holding a gun to his head.

In S9, Charlie applies for a Contracts Manager post – he learns his interview has been a success, but he declines the post. In S9 E20, Charlie is confronted with a painful memory from his past – Baz Hayes, arrives as the new Locum and is now remarried. Charlie finds this hard, as he still loves her. Feelings are high – it comes to a head at the end of S9, when Baz needs a shoulder to cry on, after a stressful shift; they kiss.

In S10, Charlie feels frustrated by their affair, he can’t stand seeing her with husband, Peter. He tells her in S10 E7, he wants to finish their relationship, but she turns up begging him to change his mind, and they continue their affair. In S10 E15, she finds out she is pregnant, she tells Peter she is leaving him, and in S10 E18, she tells Charlie the news. In S10 E20, the full details are spilled – Baz confronts both Peter and Charlie, telling Peter of the affair and her pregnancy – Peter is devastated.

In S11 E1, Baz has a baby boy, Louis – Charlie arrives just in time to see the birth. They employ a nanny, Margaret. In S11 E18, it turns out she has been mistreating Louis, and even tried to smother him.

In S12, the series starts with Charlie worrying Baz and Louis are involved in an explosion at a shopping centre – luckily they aren’t. Their relationship hits a rocky patch, when Baz fears they’re not spending enough time together – they plan a holiday, but after the tension – Baz heads off to the airport alone. A new Personnel Officer, Zoe, arrives and Charlie’s flirtatious friendship with her, strains his and Baz’s relationship further. They split up and Charlie moves out. Charlie is upset and succumbs to Zoe’s sexual advances. But by S12 E23, he realises he can’t bear the thought of life without Baz – and after she is kidnapped in S12 E24 – the ordeal brings them close again, and he proposes to her. In S12 E25/S12 E26, Charlie and Baz prepare to get married, but they cancel it after an emergency back at A&E. Dealing with a patient outside, Charlie is inadvertently run over by an ambulance, being driven by a patients’ brother. Charlie is taken to CRASH, but his injuries are not serious. They go and get married on a boat in the Marina, Baz reveals she is going to take a new post in Edinburgh.

In S13, Charlie commutes to see Baz every weekend. It’s hard on him, as he misses her and Louis. But he is glad to see his old colleague Duffy back on the team. In S13 E9, Charlie is on his way to work when a man summons his help – his wife has been attacked. In S13 E11, Charlie ticks Eve off, for booking her holiday and disregarding him. Drugs have been going missing from the department, and Sam discovers it to be Agency Nurse Lee, and tells him to leave. At the Christmas party in S13 E17, Charlie confronts Sam about Lee and the missing drugs, annoyed that he knew and did not tell him. And in S13 E27, a reporter comes to talk to Charlie about the press leak, regarding the department’s closure.

At the beginning of S14, the team including Charlie are shaken, after Sam’s attack, which leads him to fall from a balcony. The staff are then forced to stay inside the hospital after a patient comes in covered in radioactive waste. Charlie feels sorry for a Marine, Jack, who is on the run for attacking his wife’s lover, but has just saved the life of a young girl’s mother. He stays with the girl, Poppy, and Charlie admires him for staying with her, rather than making a run from the police. In S14 E4, Adam asks Charlie’s advice on applying for a nursing post because he is HIV. Charlie tells him he should declare the fact, and that he should still have a chance of the job. This episode, Sunny has a run in with a patient and ends up hitting him, an angry Charlie is forced to suspend him and face a disciplinary charge. In S14 E7, Sunny says he doesn’t regret his actions, Charlie replies that the heroes are the ones that keep their temper. In S14 E8, Charlie finds out from Sean that Eve is thinking of resigning. He goes to look for her at the Mission, and tries to persuade her not to leave as she is one of his best nurses, but she won’t change her mind, and hugs Charlie goodbye. In S14 E10, Duffy is to be interviewed for the Sister post, Charlie reminds Max not to give her any preferential treatment, but he is offended by his comment and gives her a hard time in the interview which Charlie comments on. Duffy gets the job and confronts Max, who tells her he didn’t want Charlie to think he was biased. They end up kissing – Charlie sees them through the office windows, and is not impressed. Next episode he acts sharply towards them both. Duffy confronts him in S14 E12, and realises he knows about her and Max, Charlie tells her to think about what she is doing, as she has a husband and children at home. He later apologises to her, but says he only did it because he cares. Next episode Duffy finishes with Max, he confronts Charlie thinking he is responsible, and says their friendship is over. In S14 E15, Duffy thanks Charlie for being right and asks Max to apologise to him. He does, but tells Charlie he spoilt their relationship because he thinks he has feelings for her himself. In S14 E17, it’s Christmas day and Charlie is missing Louis, Duffy comforts him. In S14 E14, Charlie and Duffy both leave at the end of shift, Charlie asks if she wants to get something to eat. Her look says no, and they both smile. They say they are another year older, but no wiser, just more sensible. Duffy kisses Charlie and they head off in separate directions. In S14 E23, Leona, a regular patient comes in demanding to see Charlie. She keeps missing her psychiatric appointments, and he finally persuades her to go. Leona says he is one of her best friends. In S14 E24, Charlie supports Max, after his son Frank’s death. In S14 E28, Tina tells Charlie that she is leaving, he is sad to see her go and hugs her goodbye. And in the last episode of S14, Leona shows up again, wanting to see Charlie. Exasperated, he tries to avoid her, but she follows him trying to tell him her news. He escapes to the toilets, where he suddenly clutches his chest in pain and falls to the floor.

In S15, we find out Charlie had suffered a pulmonary embolism and nearly died. In S15 E1, Charlie has been off for two months, and the staff are struggling to cope without him. By the waterfront, he contemplates what he really wants from life, and ends up chatting to a young Mum, who finds it hard being a single Mum. She goes to buy an ice cream, but disappears, leaving Charlie with her baby. He later finds her and takes her to casualty. When he does show up in A&E, he is bombarded with demands from his colleagues on when he is going to come back to work. Next episode, he does return, with a stern approach – he tells Manager Dan that he won’t tolerate money or policy issues being put above patient care, but Duffy is concerned about the effect of throwing himself back into work is having on his health. In S15 E3, Charlie reveals to Duffy, now that he has split from Baz, that Louis is going to join her in Canada, once she has settled. He fears Louis will forget him. In S15 E4, a reporter hears from Holly that a nurse is HIV, Charlie urges Holly to stop him before it gets out of hand. She manages to persuade him, but a patient overhears and sells the story anyway. Charlie and Dan discuss how to protect Nurse Adam, and when he arrives in the department, Charlie shows him the front page headlines. In S15 E6, Leona turns up in A&E again with stomach pains. Charlie and Patrick discover she is pregnant, and she gives birth to a baby girl, who she calls after Charlie. It leads him to be late for Adam and Reuben’s wedding, when he has the rings! In S15 E7, the trials and tribulations of fatherhood are affecting Charlie, when he is let down by his child minder. In S15 E10, he takes Louis to the local zoo, one of their last trips before Louis flies out to be with Baz. But the day turns into a nightmare, when Charlie goes to help a man who is having an epileptic fit – and Louis wanders off. Charlie frantically searches for him, and finally finds him being looked after by another man. This episode he also arranges a surprise birthday party for Duffy who is 40. In S15 E12, Charlie tells Duffy he is to take some time off to take Louis to Canada, but is dreading the thought of giving up his son. In S15 E16, he returns from Canada with his heavy heart. He reveals Baz has met someone else, and wants a divorce. Charlie falls out with Baz in S15 E18 over access to Louis, as she will only let him see his son in Canada. Charlie feels helpless, but when he treats a lawyer with a broken hand, he is encouraged to get some advice from a family lawyer. Some of his fighting spirit returns. In S15 E22, A&E is teeming with patients, and Charlie is getting inundated with complaints. He asks Dan to help find more beds. He agrees on the condition Charlie implements new hospital guidelines on patient delay. Charlie follows everything by the book, but Dan’s plan backfires, resulting in him having to apologise to a number of patients. To add to Charlie’s worries, a series of patients come in with a mystery illness, which turns out to be Legionnaires disease. The outbreak may have come from the hospital, and Dan is annoyed when Charlie and Max contact Public Health. In S15 E24, Charlie goes to see a Solicitor to discuss his custody case. But she tells him that he doesn’t have much chance of winning his son back. Back at A&E, Charlie paints a picture to Duffy that the news is positive, even though he’ll have to sell his house to pay the legal fees. In S15 E26, when he goes to court to discuss his application for custody his solicitor again urges him to drop the application, leaving him disheartened. Charlie’s day gets worse when he arrives at work, only to find out that a major incident exercise is taking place – and nobody informed him. Charlie decides to drop the proceedings against Baz as he doesn’t want to lose contact with Louis. Duffy tries to cheer him up by asking him to supper. In S15 E27, Charlie is annoyed to hear that due to budget cuts, agency nurses are to be lost. Charlie also blames Dan for Duffy’s collapse, saying she was under too much pressure. Later, A&E is seriously overcrowded, Charlie sees the Director of Nursing, who allows him to shut down the hospital till the backlog of patients is cleared. Dan is not happy. Next episode the pair have a heated argument. In S15 E34, Charlie returns from another trip in Canada. He tells Max, Louis wanted him to stay, but Charlie says his life is in Holby. Charlie has also sold his house and about to move into a flat, is told at the last minute he can’t have it. Left homeless, Max offers Charlie his spare room. Max’s partner Amanda is not so keen. In S15 E36, Charlie has to break the news to a heavily pregnant Duffy, that Andrew has been killed. She is distraught.

In S16 E1, Charlie goes to see Duffy at home to see how she is coping, when she unexpectedly goes into labour – she refuses to go to hospital, and Charlie is forced to deliver her baby. In S16 E3, Charlie attends a supper club by a dating agency, and meets a woman called Jan. They get on really well and it is only next episode he realises she is his boss. Jan still wants to see Charlie, who clearly feels uncomfortable with the situation and at the end of shift turns her down. She also asks him to apply for a new Clinical Nursing Specialist job. In S16 E5, Charlie is furious with Lara and Dillon when Lara breaks hospital procedure to deliver a baby in A&E. In S16 E7, Jan arrives to take a tour of the department, and Charlie is concerned to want everything to go well. Jan questions why they haven’t seen eachother recently and agree to rectify the situation with a meal out. She also tells him he has got the new job. He asks if he got the job on merit and she reminds him their relationship is totally separate. In S16 E8, Charlie and Jan attend a charity dinner, but she is annoyed when he abuses his position to have a rant about hospital issues. They managed to later reconcile. In S16 E10, Charlie’s friend Leona comes in with her baby daughter, Charlie, worried about spots that she has. Patrick says it is due to Leona overdressing her. Leona leaves with nappies and wipes freebies, but Duffy is more concerned about the welfare of baby Charlie. Charlie also argues with Jan over hospital security – she reminds him they are on the same side, and Duffy breaks down infront of him, because she misses Andrew. In S16 E11 Spencer is attacked by an irate man, Charlie storms off to Security Officer, Mr Dobbs and Jan Goddard, demanding extra security. He lets it slip to Mr Dobbs that he is dating Jan, who proceeds to send an email to all the staff. Duffy is annoyed that she didn’t know. Jan eventually agrees to get some security.

In S17 E1 Duffy confides in Charlie about Andrew’s life policy money that she has received. She doesn’t want it but Charlie tries to persuade her it’s what Andrew would have wanted. In S17 E3, Duffy’s mother is brought in with cancer and as he condition deteriorates, she tells Charlie she wishes not to be resuscitated. He also clashes with Dillon and Harry over how to deal with an illegal immigrant who has swallowed drugs. In S17 E6, Dillon is furious when Charlie calls Social Services on a case involving an Down Syndrome mother. In S17 E10, Charlie discovers Duffy is dating Ryan and wonders why he is last to know. In S17 E12, Josh confides in Charlie about his marriage difficulties. In S17 E20, Duffy plans to marry Ryan and asks Charlie to give her away. In S17 E25, Charlie is unhappy with Selina’s arrival in the department. In S17 E29, since Ryan ran off with all Duffy’s money, Charlie offers her a place to stay with him. In S17 E31, an apologetic Ryan is back asking her to go to New Zealand with him. Charlie is not pleased, and Duffy finds it hard to say goodbye. She tells him she loves him and with a heartfelt kiss is whisked away. Charlie loses his friend.

At the opening of Series 18, there’s been a major train crash and the team discover that nurse Anna has been badly injured. Charlie is called out and is by her side, as they attempt to get her out of the wreckage. And in S18 E2, although the team are reluctant to tell Anna how seriously injured she is injured, she knows they are holding back and persuades Charlie to tell her the truth. In S18 E6, when Josh learns that Colette has moved on, he and Charlie go AWOL for the afternoon. Friends for 16 years, the two reminisce over a pint and Josh tries his hand at karaoke. In S18 E12, Charlie is on his way to the airport to meet his son, Louis, and ex-wife Baz when he sees his father-in-law, Kenneth, leaving the hospital. He discovers that Kenneth has lung cancer, with very little time left to live, and that Baz has remarried, all of which saddens him. When Charlie meets Baz, things are awkward between them and breaking the news about Kenneth’s illness is not easy. But Charlie is even more uncomfortable when Baz’s new husband, Dan Wilder, turns up and walks away with her. In S18 E14, Charlie invites Baz to join him and Louis on their day out bowling. They’re having fun, until Louis takes a turn for the worse and no one can discover the cause of his illness. Eventually Jim diagnoses a rare fever, panicking Charlie who struggles to remain strong. Dan feels superfluous, though Louis turns to him when he wakes up, but when the ordeal is finally over, it is obvious that something has been reignited between Charlie and Baz. In S18 E15, Louis, is finally responding to treatment and should be released from Holby in a week’s time. To celebrate, Kenneth, has a Christmas surprise for the whole family: he’s bought them all tickets to Lapland. But the party mood is spoiled when a severe road traffic accident shout comes in and it’s all hands on deck. In S18 E16, despite the fairytale magic of snowy Lapland, Charlie is struggling to enjoy himself. Dan, too, is clearly uncomfortable, acting macho and getting competitive in a playful snowball fight and skidoo race. But when Dan pulls a reckless stunt, he crashes and becomes trapped under the ski-mobile. Baz and Louis go for help and Charlie has to think fast. He stems the bleeding from Dan’s leg and warms him with his own body heat when he gets too cold. During this awkward, close moment, Charlie admits he’s still in love with Baz. Later, with Dan recovering in hospital, Charlie and Baz share a passionate embrace under the beautiful northern lights. In S18 E17, Baz decides to tell Dan the truth about her and Charlie, and admits that they slept together. In a rage, he charges into the hospital and punches Charlie. In S18 E18, Baz reluctantly travels with Dan to the airport to appease a defiant Louis, but his tantrum spirals. With patience wearing thin, Baz tries to restore order but, in the pandemonium, Dan is distracted and loses control of the car. Charlie sees the incident unfold as he drives by. In S18 E19, Baz is struggling for her life and, after tests, they realise it is time to give up. It is unbearable for everyone and Charlie still blames Dan. When the question of organ donation arises, they clash over Baz’s wishes. In S18 E20, it’s the day of Baz’s funeral and Dan stakes his claim over Louis, announcing plans to take him back to Canada. Charlie’s overwhelming concern for Kenneth and Louis has not left him time to grieve or cry for Baz, and he desperately longs for another chance at their time together. An argument ensues and Charlie threatens to contest custody. In S18 E21, Charlie is forced to get an injunction to stop Dan taking Louis out of the country. In a state of frenzy, he rushes out of work, only to discover that they have already left. He finds them at the station and presents Dan with the court order. In S18 E22, Charlie takes Louis to the department, only to realise he has not been back there since Baz died. In S18 E23, Charlie is determined to fight for his son but, after a meeting with the children’s welfare officer, he begins to doubt his worth as a father. In S18 E25, Charlie’s first custody hearing is adjourned when Louis discovers his grandad, Ken, fighting for breath. Ken is rushed into hospital and Dan is granted custody until Ken, on his death bed, asks him to let father and son be together. Dan cannot ignore Ken’s dying wish and drops the case when Louis tells him he wants to stay with Charlie. In S18 E35, Jim is covering as clinical director and annoying everyone by trying to implement systems he learned in America. He discusses abolishing the three-hour rule with Holby’s chief executive, Helen Grant, but Charlie is furious with Jim’s intended changes and confronts him. In S18 E36, when a patient dies in reception, Charlie is quick to blame Jim, who has recently implemented unpopular changes in the department. Helen, however, takes Jim’s side, and Charlie, speaking for the staff, threatens industrial action. In S18 E37, Harry is horrified when he returns to work to discover that the nurses are on strike. Although he manages to put the doctors’ rota back to normal, Charlie feels betrayed and writes his resignation letter. In S18 E38, Charlie feels increasingly disillusioned with hospital procedures and systems. Josh pleads with him not to abandon his career. Charlie gets a call from Canada informing him that Baz’s homeless project in Toronto is in danger of losing funding. They need to employ someone with nursing experience to keep it going. In S18 E39, Charlie decides to take a six-month sabbatical in Canada to work on Baz’s project – the staff bid him a fond farewell.

Charlie makes a cheerful New Year entrance in S19 E18 – unbeknown to him of the hospital explosion which resulted in Jim’s death. Charlie has decided to cut down on his hours, leaving Tess to carry on in his position. In S19 E19, Charlie mentions that he will be 50 next week. He asks Bex to organise a party for him – she relishes the idea. In S19 E20, Bex is busy organising Charlie’s 50th birthday and the theme is ‘Come dressed as you did when you were 18’. She is filling the reception with pictures of Charlie throughout the years. In S19 E22, Charlie receives a mysterious email from a woman asking to meet him at 4.30pm in the on-call room, to talk. He turns up and sees Harry there too. Selena arrives and asks where the two old men needing assistance are. Luke and Woody appear, laughing – Harry and Charlie realise they have been the victims of a practical joke. Next episode they try and get their revenge on the paramedics by pretending they need injections after getting parrot droppings on them. But their plan backfires. In S19 E28, Bex goes home early after being tormented by Claire. Selena and Charlie go and check on her to find her collapsed in the bathroom after a hypo. In S19 E29, Charlie asks Claire if she wants to take some time off. Claire is angry, thinking that Charlie wants her out of the way for Bex’s sake and storms out. Later, she interferes with a patient’s personal business and Charlie has stern words with her. He tells her to go somewhere to calm down and seriously consider his earlier offer. Selena treats a woman, Sandra, who has been suffering headaches and bad vision. Charlie correctly suggests her condition to be slow blindness caused from working in the cake business. In S19 E32, Charlie tries to intervene an argument between Claire and Bex, after it is revealed that Luke is going out with Claire. During the Pete’s court hearing, in S19 E35, Bex and Charlie turn up to hear Pete’s evidence. Charlie tells Luke that he should not be there with Claire, he says that Bex is being very courageous coming to hear Pete’s account of events and that as her ex-husband he should show some loyalty. In S19 E36, Charlie cannot find some patient records. Tess tells Charlie Sam destroyed the files when he was ill. Charlie cannot understand how this can have happened and clearly disapproves. But next episode, tells them he won’t take the matter further. In S19 E37, it’s the day of the verdict and Charlie worries Bex is getting her hopes too high. He’s right to be concerned when a ‘not guilty’ verdict is passed. In S19 E42, Pete is threatening Bex in an unused corridor of the hospital. In defence she pushes him down the stairs, and he falls to his death. Luke and Charlie discover them, and urge Bex to leave. in S19 E43, Luke begs Charlie to lie to the police about Bex’s involvement. He is reluctant but agrees. Claire has discovered CCTV footage showing Bex pushing Pete to his death and plans revenge. In S19 E48, Claire persuades Charlie and Luke to scatter Pete’s ashes with her by the sea. But she soon starts behaving erratically and demands to know what happened to her brother. Later, as they all get in the car to go home, Claire deliberately drives off the harbour and into the water. Luke manages to pull Charlie out of the water to safety, but Claire does not survive.

In S20 E6, Harry informs staff that Charlie has taken another sabbatical. He makes his return in S20 E17 when he attends the Trust’s hospital party with his girlfriend of four months, Helen. However, whilst there, he gets a call from the babysitter to say that Louis has gone missing. The couple head home but are involved in a tunnel collapse. Charlie tends to the injured and trapped in the tunnel. In S8 E11, Charlie is reunited with his son who was worried he had been killed like his mother. Meanwhile, Helen tells Charlie that she doesn’t think either he or Louis are ready for him to be in a relationship yet and they agree, although unfortunate, it would be best to split up. In S20 E23, Charlie is becoming suspicious of Bruno’s dodgy dealings. Next episode, Charlie starts an investigation which leads to his arrest. In S20 E27, Charlie tries to keep the Hepatitis B clinic open by handing out leaflets to prostitutes but gets into trouble with an angry pimp and is arrested by the police. Josh has to come to his rescue.In S20 E32, Charlie’s son Louis skips youth club to go to a bike park with his friend, Niall. However he is admitted after a skating accident causes him a leg injury. Louis takes a real shine to Maggie and after Niall teases him that his Dad is gay because he lives with Josh, Louis claims Maggie is his girlfriend. In S20 E33, Maggie gets a romantic email from a stranger. She asks Alice to find out who is behind it and is surprised by the answer – it’s Charlie. However when she subtly tries to broach the subject with him, she’s not convinced he knows what she’s talking about. In S20 E34, Maggie and Charlie arrange to go out on a date but soon realise they have been set up and that Louis is the culprit. In S20 E44, Nathan is on the warpath following his needle prick injury and blames Sam. Charlie is furious to find a tearful Sam packing up his locker and tells Nathan he is a bully.

In S21 E1, Charlie heads to Cambodia with colleagues Guppy, Abs and Comfort to assist Duffy in the opening of a new clinic. Charlie has his doubts about Duffy’s new boyfriend which doesn’t go down well with her and the pair argue. In S21 E2, after some heated arguments, Charlie and Duffy finally make peace whilst Charlie reveals his feelings for Maggie. In S21 E5, following his return from Cambodia, Charlie cancels a drink with Maggie when he learns from Kelsey about her romance with Somnang. Meanwhile he is involved in a tragic case involving a young boy who has accidentally killed his baby brother. In S21 E12, Charlie and Maggie are called out to assist at the scene where a homeless woman has become trapped. Later Maggie agrees to go out on a date with Charlie and Josh looks after Louis. Louis, a handful, falls over and cuts his face. Josh tries to help him but spiteful Louis lies to Charlie, saying that Josh hit him. In S21 E13, Charlie is still angry with Josh after believing Louis and fails to back him up with a patient’s case. In S21 E14, Louis visits Charlie at the hospital and runs into Josh. The two men argue because Josh refuses to apologise for hitting Louis. Harsh words are exchanged and Charlie tells Josh to leave. Following Josh’s stabbing, Charlie heads to see him in S21 E16. Whilst Louis confesses to his father that Josh didn’t hit him. Charlie tells Josh they should waste no more time arguing. At Ellen’s funeral in S21 E17, Charlie persuades Josh to do something pro-active with his time off from work. In S21 E18, Charlie finds Harry upset in his office and takes him up to the hospital roof for a chat. In S21 E29, Charlie has an emotional reunion with former nurse Megan, who comes into Holby with her ill grandson.

Love Interests

  • Baz
  • Karen O’Malley
  • Valerie Sinclair
  • Trish Baynes
  • Zoe Garrard
  • Jan Goddard
  • Helen
  • Maggie Caldwell
  • Duffy

Memorable Moments

  • S5 E13 – As Megan is held hostage, Charlie goes to help, but is shot in the chest; the team battle to save him.
  • S7 E22 – Charlie has a nervous breakdown at the end of the episode, Duffy tries to comfort him.
  • S11 E1 – Birth of Charlie’s baby, Louis.
  • S12 E25/ S12 E26 – Baz and Charlie’s wedding.
  • S14 E30 – Charlie collapses with a pulmonary embolism after being chased by Leona.
  • S15 E6 – Charlie and Patrick deliver Leona’s baby.
  • S16 E3 – Charlie meets Jan at a supper club.
  • S17 E31 – Charlie bids farewell to Duffy.
  • S18 E16 – Charlie and Baz rekindle their love in Lapland.
  • S18 E18 – Baz dies leaving Charlie distraught.
  • S18 E36 – Charlie threatens industrial action.
  • S19 E48 – Suicidal Claire ploughs her car, with Charlie and Luke inside, into the harbour.
  • S20 E17 – Charlie and Helen become trapped after a tunnel collapse.
  • S21 E1/ S21 E2 – Charlie is reunited with Duffy in Cambodia.
  • S21 E14 – Harsh words are exchanged by Charlie and Josh following allegations Josh hit Louis.
  • S21 E29 – Charlie is pleased to see former nurse Megan when she comes into Holby with her grandson
  • S24 E47 – Charlie is with Megan when she chooses to die by euthanasia.
  • S29 E4 – Charlie comes under pressure from Tess to take retirement.
  • S29 E31 – Charlie gets a call from Louis’ girlfriend in Romania saying he needs help.
  • S29 E32 – Charlie and Connie head to Romania to help his drug addict son Louis.
  • S29 E33 – Charlie returns from Romania and wonders if he killed a drug dealer.
  • S29 E35 – Charlie struggles when Louis is brought in after an overdose.
  • S29 E36 – Charlie locks Louis in a room to help him go cold turkey.
  • S29 E38 – Charlie threatens to inject himself unless Louis gets help.
  • S29 E43 – Louis falls of the wagon and is brought in to the ED suffering from DVT.
  • S29 E46 – Charlie refuses to give Louis money for a flat deposit. Later a fight erupts between Louis and Max and the wedding reception leading to a fire.
  • S30 E1 – Charlie suffers a heart attack and his old friend Duffy visits him.
  • S30 E2 – Charlie’s condition worsens but the team battle to save him.
  • S30 E8 – Charlie returns to work and helps a grieving man and his daughter.
  • S30 E14 – Charlie offers to help Cal track down his birth mother whilst also keeping Ethan in the dark.
  • S30 E37 – Elle finds Big Mac’s stolen pills in Charlie’s locker who ends up suspended when he refuses to reveal Big Mac as the thief.
  • S30 E43 – The team prepare for Charlie’s 30th Anniversary.
  • S31 E1 – Charlie’s Anniversary party is overshadowed by tragedy when a helicopter crashes into the department.
  • S31 E5 – Charlie attends an old school reunion.
  • S31 E11 – Charlie and Duffy share their first kiss.
  • S31 E14 – Charlie and Duffy declare their love for eachother but things get complicated when Duffy’s husband Ryan turns up.
  • S31 E15 – Duffy rebuffs Ryan’s request for a reunion and decides she wants to be with Charlie and proposes to him.
  • S31 E20 – Duffy regrets asking Charlie to arrange the wedding. He eventually realises it needs to be more low key.
  • S31 E21 – Charlie and Duffy get married. He makes it to the altar just in time following his arrest.
  • S31 E23 – Charlie and Duffy return from their honeymoon with a bump.
  • S32 E6 – Charlie and Josh face the consequences of a heavy night out.
  • S32 E22 – Charlie’s plans to wine and dine Duffy for their anniversary falls short of the mark.
  • S32 E31 – Charlie takes over as clinical nurse manager following resignation from the post. Duffy is already missing her husband, as he’s going to work earlier and coming home later.
  • S32 E35 – Duffy is feeling neglected as Charlie seems wedded to his stressful new job.

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