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Cas Series

S15 E06

S15 E6 (15 Oct 00) : Choked (Part 2) by Katharine Way

Episode Summary

Adam runs after Reuben and tells him that he didn’t mean what he said about wanting him to leave. He tells him that he said it to protect him so he wouldn’t have to put up with being harrassed, and possibly attacked, when the press name him as the nurse who is HIV+. Reuben is upset that Adam didn’t talk to him about the way he feels. He tells Adam that he never lets anyone help him when he’s hurting, but always wants to help everyone else. He says that he loves him and he wants to be there for him, but if Adam can’t handle that, then there is no point in them being together. He turns to go, but Adam runs after him and pleads with him to stay. He says he can’t carry on like this and it’s only a matter of time before a patient’s life is risked because they refuse to be treated by any nurse until they know who is HIV+. Reuben asks him what he wants, and Adam looks over towards the group of journalists gathered outside A&E. With a little encouragement from Reuben, Adam decides to talk to them.

Josh and Mikey are still trapped under rubble. Mel goes to get help, and a rescue helicoptor soon arrives. Mikey has multiple traumas to both legs and a dislocated shoulder. The helicopter transports them to Holby City Hospital and Mikey is taken straight into resus. Phil and Anne Rees arrive and ask about Joel, who is Phil’s nephew. They discover that Joel was the one who called the ambulance, but was nowhere to be seen when the paramedics arrived. They contact the police. Mikey tells his parents that he went to find Joel in the woods but wished he hadn’t bothered. He says he doesn’t care what happens to him. His parents tell him that Joel called the ambulance and saved his life. Mikey tells Holly that he thumped Joel and he was probably too scared to come back in case he thumped him again. He says he hopes he hasn’t committed suicide.

When Holly asks why he should, Mikey explains that Joel’s father killed his mother, and that’s why he lives with them. Joel arrives in A&E and Barney persuades him to let everyone know he is safe. Both Anne and Phil are relieved to see him. They leave the room and the boys are left together. Mikey asks Joel why he didn’t come back after calling the ambulance and Joel tells him that he thought he was dead he was scared. He says that when his father killed his mother, he hid in the garden, too scared to go inside and help her in case his father killed him too. As he begins to cry, Mikey pats his shoulder and tells him it’s alright.

Billy Cooper and Elaine Carrington come into A&E. Billy has cut his finger and needs some stitches. Billy is concerned that he won’t be able to play the guitar and tells Patrick and Colette that he also writes songs and knows all the greats like The Beatles, The Stones, and Bob Dylan. They’ve been together for fifteen years, since they met at Live Aid, but Billy says there is no need for them to get married as it’s only a bit of paper. Elaine obviously doesn’t agree with him and looks a little disappointed. She asks Colette for an aspirin as she has a headache, but Colette tell her she can only give them to patients. Elaine goes for a drink and is talking to Colette. She tells her that despite his comments, Billy is very romantic and writes her a song for her birthday every year. She complains of a headache again and collapses. She is taken to CT and Colette informs Billy that she has had a major stroke and there isn’t much chance she’ll make a full recovery. She says that it is unlikely that she will wake up. Billy is distraught and tells Colette that he wants to marry Elaine. He asks to see her. He wants to sing to her, and Colette leaves them on their own. In between tears, Billy sings ‘Yesterday’ to her, watched by Max and Duffy in the next room.

Max closes the blinds. Soon after, Elaine dies. Billy tells Colette that he’ll get Bob Geldof to come to her funeral.

Amy calls Charlie to look at the security camera, where Adam can be seen with the press. Dan also arrives at that moment and goes outside to stop Adam talking. Charlie pulls him back and tells him to leave it. The journalists are bombarding Adam with questions, and he falters. They start to disperse, but Adam catches Reuben’s eye and announces that he is the nurse who is HIV+. He says he wants to reassure everyone who’s been treated at the hospital that they haven’t been put at risk, and the reason he’s come forward is because he doesn’t want anyone to be frightened. He says that he will do anything to help people understand that, and tells them to aske whatever questions they like. At the end of the conference, Daljit Ramanee tells Adam she thinks he is really brave. Dan demands to see Adam, but Charlie says he is needed for a resus coming in by helicoptor. Later on, Dan has a go at Adam for talking to the press, and Adam tells him he did what he thought was right. Dan says time will tell whether he has done more harm than good. Adam tells him he did it for his colleagues. Dan says things won’t be the same and Adam should take some special leave until it all blows over. Adam tells him it might not, and Dan agrees. In Dan’s office, Dan tells Charlie that he is annoyed that Adam took matters into his own hands and says he made him (Dan) look like an idiot. He tells Charlie he suggested Adam take some leave. Charlie tells him that he is in charge of arranging staff holidays and asks Dan why he dragged him to his office. Dan tells him he shouldn’t have prevented him from stopping Adam giving his statement to the press. Charlie responds by saying that Dan trying to gag Adam would have resulted in a scuffle in front of the TV cameras. They leave the room, but before they do, Dan asks Charlie if he can get the rest of his staff to be more discreet. Charlie speaks to Adam and tells him to take some time off. Adam says he doesn’t need any time off and says he wants to resign. Charlie tells him he’s already won the arguement and there’s no need for him to resign. Adam replies that he doesn’t want to be protected, have his colleagues lie for him. Charlie says that he shouldn’t give up fighting and Adam tells him that he isn’t going to give up nursing, just nursing in A&E. He says he wouldn’t have the same problems if he was nursing on a ward. He asks Charlie if he’ll give him a good reference.

In the staff room, Adam asks Holly if she’s still coming to the party. She asks if she’s still invited and he says he can hardly slag her off for talking to the press when he’s done it himself. He tells her that things have been sorted. He takes a last look around. Charlie tells him that he will be at the flat for 8pm with the rings. At the flat, Reuben is nervous and Adam reassures him that from here on things get better. Everyone except Charlie arrives at the party, and Adam and Reuben start to get impatient. They tell the others that it isn’t an ordinary house-warming, but they are getting married and they need Charlie because he has the rings. In the end, Josh takes off his wedding ring and says they can borrow it, and Fin does the same. The guests take it in turn to recite readings and poems, and Adam and Reuben exchange vows. The salsa music starts playing and the party is soon in full swing.

Leona turns up in A&E complaining of stomach pains. She refuses to undress so Patrick can examine her, and asks for Charlie. Patrick asks her how long she’s had the pains, and she tells him she can’t remember. Patrick is rude to her and Leona laughs at him. She takes a few burps and tells him that she feels better now, before storming out. She goes into the ladies toilets and tells herself that she is a beautiful and strong and worthwhile person. She suddenly doubles over in pain, and blood trickles down her legs and onto the floor. Walking past the toilets, Charlie hears cries and goes in to find Leona sat on the toilet screaming in pain. He tells her she is having a baby and goes to get help. Patrick arrives and tells Charlie he thought she had wind – Leona hits himin the stomach! They take her to paeds resus and she gives birth to a girl. Looking at Charlie, she tells him she’s going to name her after him. Patrick sniggers and Leona says she’s going to call her Charlie Patricia. She tells Charlie she’s scared and doesn’t know what to do. She also says she doesn’t know who the father is. Patrick later tells Charlie that the baby will be in care within two weeks – but Charlie tells him to shut up.

Patrick and Charlie arrive at Adam and Reuben’s flat just as they are about to leave. They tell Patrick they are going on their honeymoon and he stares at them in disbelief. As they drive away, Reuben tells Adam he doesn’t think he could be brave enough to do what he did and Adam tells him that he couldn’t have done it without him. He says he has no regrets and wherever they end up, he’ll be doing exactly the same kind of work and he’ll be with him. They drive off to the sound of salsa.


Mikey – dislocated shoulder and injuries to his legs after being involved in the landslide.

Billy Cooper – A minor cut to his finger.

Elaine Carrington – Billy’s partner, she accompanies him to the hospital but later has a severe stroke and dies.

Leona – complains of stomach pains, and later gives birth.

First Scene/words

[Josh and Mikey are burried under soil and rubble, and Penny is at the top.]

Penny: Josh! …. Josh!

Last Scene/words

[Leona is in a bed and her baby is beside her.]

Leona: Goodnight, Charlie.

Review by Alison.

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