Philippa Kinross

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Played by Fiona Gillies


S16 E14 – S16 E19

Job Title

Locum Consultant

First Words


Phillipa Kinross makes a big impact as Locum Consultant, standing in for Max while he is suspended for supply methadone to Ben; his fiancee’s son.

Her first day, S16 E14 already sees her causing friction between her workmates. In S16 E16, Philippa argues with Lara over the treatment of patient Brian, who has suffered from a heart block. Lara goes against Philippa’s judgement, much to her annoyance, and pacemakes him in resus. Philippa confronts Max in S16 E17 when, while passing through A&E, he spots Patrick in resus and rushes in to try and save him. Phillipa, however orders him out. In the same episode, Charlie complains to Jan that Phillipa is causing the current low team morale. Philippa causes yet more disturbances in S16 E18, firstly when her and Dillon’s patient, who has frost bite, wants to discharge himself. They argue, frankly Philippa couldn’t care less but Dillon persuades the patient to stay with the promise of hot food and a warm bed. Later on she and Colette argue over the treatment of a drug addict. Philippa is annoyed when Lara steps in and backs Colette. In S16 E19 Len arrives in A&E after being punched. Philippa treats him, but misdiagnoses his heart condition by presuming which medication he is on. He dies in CRASH and Philippa takes her anger out on Anna. Duffy stands up for Anna and calls Philippa a bully. Later, Lara decides to make a complaint about Philippa to Jan – but Patrick beats her to it. However, Philippa hastily hands in her notice and leaves the department.

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