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Cas Actor

Rebecca Lacey

Plays George Woodman

DATE OF BIRTH : 20th April 1969

BROUGHT UP : After her parents divorced when she was 3, she spent weekdays with her Mum in Twickenham and weekends and holidays with her Dad in a cottage in South Wales.

LIVES : While in CASUALTY she shared a flat with Claire Goose. She now lives in a West London flat and also spends time at the cottage in Wales, left to her and her brothers by her late father.

FAMILY : Mother, actress Mela White. Father, actor, Ronald Lacey (Porridge fame), died of cancer 9 years ago. ‘It was the worst time of my life. I just looked after him and worried after him. I was on my own with him when he died and it was not until afterwards that I fell apart. I miss him to this day and always will.’ She also has two brothers, Jonathan and Matthew.

PARTNER : TV director, Paul Harrison

CHILDREN : Two children, son Charlie (b.2002) and daughter Betsy.

NICKNAME : On Set was ‘Racey’.

PREVIOUS JOBS : As a make up girl in a department store.

ON CHARACTER GEORGE : ‘I think she’s a good strong role model for young women today. She’s straight forward, honest and confident which is something men find attractive.’

LIKE GEORGE? : ‘We look the same but that’s about it. She doesn’t take any nonsense in her personal or private life, I’m a pussycat by comparison.’

MEMENTO OF SHOW : ‘I took away the name tag at the end of my stint on the show and it’s lying in a drawer, so I know where it is if I ever go back to the programme.’

WHY SHE LEFT CASUALTY : She left as she missed her friends and family in London, but also found she missed the friends she made in Bristol, ‘It was hard leaving because I was happy.’

WHEN SHE LEFT CASUALTY : ‘I sobbed all the way up the M32 from Bristol and for most of the way up the M4 to London before I started to feel OK. It must have been about 100 miles.’

HIGHLIGHTS OF WORKING ON CASUALTY : ‘Making friends like Claire Goose, Rebecca Wheatley and working closely with Paterson Joseph.’

FAVE STORYLINE : S12 E18 – performing an operation in the dark.

FAVE BOOK : ‘The Passion’ J Winterston and narnia books.

FAVE FILMS : ‘Brief Encounter’, ‘I love old black and white films and this one most of all, it’s so quintessentially English.’

FAVE TV : Likes medical shows

PREVIOUS CASUALTY APPEARANCE : Rebecca has appeared in CASUALTY twice before her role as George, in S6 E5 she plays Debbie, a bride-to-be who loses two fingers in an abattoir, and in S9 E3 she plays Louise Tomlin, who injures her shoulder while trying to resist the advances of her boss. [More Info]

TELEVISION CREDITS : Bully for Cosmo; Vice Versa; Shine on Harvey Moon; Moving; Chance in a Million; Lovejoy; The New Statesman; Home to Roost; The Bretts; Hannay; Who Dares Wins; Perfect Scoundrels; The Darling Buds of May; May to December; Vanity Dies Hard; Game On; Heavy Weather; The Smiths; Touch of Frost; The Bill; Casualty; Badger; Murder in Mind; Monarch of the Glen; Murder in Suburbia; MIT; Heartbeat; Hustle; The Bill

FILM CREDITS : The Shooting Party; Second Victory; The Romanovs; Tightrope to Terror; Carry on Colombus; Arthur’s Dyke

THEATRE CREDITS : The Provoked Wife; The Skin of Our Teeth; The Reluctant Heroes; Blithe Spirit; Wildest Dreams; My Very Own Story; Sailor Beware; Ideal Husband; Taming of the Shrew; Eva Peron; Dead Funny; Love for Love; Loot; It’s Not the End of the World; Amy’s View; Tartuffe; Benefactors

BOOKS : Appears in ‘CASUALTY : Behind the Scenes’ by Rachel Silver.

AGENT : Curtis Brown Group, Haymarket House, 5th Floor, 28-29 Haymarket, London SW1Y 4SP.


* At 18, Rebecca thought of becoming a children’s nurse.

* Rebecca backed a campaign by the Law Society

* Rebecca is also an abstract artist and donates 10% of her sales to a Theatre Artists Fund.

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