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Cas Previous Appearance

Rebecca Ryan : Previous Appearance


APPEARANCE : S21 E5 ‘Sons and Lovers’

CHARACTER : Leah Crawford

STORYLINE : Leah is the enthusiastic friend of gay teenager Ben, who has helped set him up on a date. However things go wrong, when underage Ben falls on a glass table in a club.

APPEARANCE : S23 E37 ‘Hostile Takeover’

CHARACTER : Kat Ashton


APPEARANCE : S25 E37 ‘When The Bough Breaks’

CHARACTER : Maeve Summer



APPEARANCE : S7 E39 ‘Ostrich Mode’

CHARACTER : Amy Carter



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Cas Character

Played by Rebecca Ryan Appearance S31 E19 ‘Little Sister’ – S33 E46 Job Title Porter First Words I didn’t mean to do that I...

Cas Actor

Plays Gemma Dean DATE OF BIRTH : 27th April 1991 PLACE OF BIRTH : Manchester HEIGHT : 5ft 3 FAMILY : Irish mother, Maranna...

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