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Joseph & Sarah-Jane take lead roles in film

Former HOLBY CITY actors Joseph Millson and Sarah-Jane Potts are to be reunited in an upcoming film ‘Repercussion’.

The pair, who played popular couple Luc Hemingway and Eddi McKee in the medical drama will play the lead roles in the production from TenSixtyEight company.

The film is described as a dark thriller with blackly comic overtones, the film stars Joseph Millson as Joe – a reluctant hold-up man, on the run, injured and desperate after a bloody shoot-out in a remote petrol station and Sarah-Jane Potts as Charlotte, his seemingly innocent kidnap victim, with a dark secret of her own.

Directing this genre piece, featuring a no-holds-barred game of cat and mouse between the two, is John Langridge.

The film will shoot in London and Yorkshire with Chantelle de Carvalho producing.

It’s a busy time for Joseph who is to appear in Macbeth at the Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre from 22nd June as well as recently filming ‘The Dead 2: India’ which is due for release later this year.

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2 Comments on "Repercussion"

  1. Maria

    It is wonderful to see Joseph Millson and Sarah-Jane Potts acting together again in this interesting film.
    To the Holby powers that be, please, please could you you bring back Luc and Eddi characters, even if its for a short while. They were the best Holby couple in series 14. We fans would love to see Joseph and Sarah-Jane back at Holby. Many of us felt that they left too soon and the leddi story is far from over.
    Thank you.

  2. Ella

    It would be wonderful if we could have Leddie back on Holby, even for a few episodes so that their storylines can be properly resolved and us fans can see a reunion on screen! They were such an interesting and engaging couple and I miss having them on Holby. AAU hasn’t been the same, since their departure.

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