Ric Griffin

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Played by Hugh Quarshie


S4 E1 ‘Rogue Males’-

Job Title

Clinical Lead (Keller) & Consultant General Surgeon

First Words

Sam : Mr Hussain’s got a case of the jitters and is asking to speak to Mr Meyer

Alex : Well he’ll have to shout then; Meyer hasn’t arrived yet

Ric : Ha, that’ll be him running scared!


Full Name – Kobina Eric Griffin.

Known Family: Kobina Robert Griffin – Father (Deceased); Paulina Griffin – Mother; Esi Aben Griffin – Step Mother; Kumi George Griffin – Brother; Leo Griffin – Son; Jess Griffin – Daughter; Lola Griffin – Ex-Wife


A moral and principled man of the NHS, Ric is an idealistic crusader who would take on any man for something he believes in. Ric is an excellent surgeon, anoble and selfless medical hero. But with fractured family relationships and a string of broken marriages behind him, sometimes Ric regrets bearing the weight of the world on his shoulders.

Memorable Moments


“People don’t just need our skills – they need our care”

Pinterest – Ric Griffin – Hugh Quarshie

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