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Rosie Marcel to Leave

Following on from the recent departure of stalwart Hugh Quarshie, fans have been dealt another blow as popular long serving actress Rosie Marcel has announced she is also leaving the show.

Rosie has been playing iconic surgeon Jac Naylor since November 2005. Speaking to Digital Spy she said, ‘I’m sad obviously – I love the show and I’ve been there a really long time.

‘But it got to a stage where I was just so tired and I really needed that break, to the point where I’ve not really done anything else and I don’t want to – I want to take time off.’

She continued ‘I just wanted to have a break and spend time with family – I haven’t spent a lot of time with my daughter or my husband.

‘I didn’t want to get to a point in my life where I thought, ‘I really wish I’d taken time off’ – I didn’t want to be that person with regrets. It was a big decision.’

Jac’s final scenes will air in an explosive episode on 2nd February, which will see her life left on the line.

‘Basically, without giving it away, someone does get shot. Someone in that room does get shot, I’m not going to say who, but they are really, really badly injured, there is another episode to follow where it gets even more heightened, it gets a bit more drastic, the gun gets pointed at everybody so there’s another potential shooting coming up, but we’re still locked in that room, it’s a bad situation for everybody!’

‘I think the audience are going to be like ‘OH MY GOD’ – I don’t think they’re going to cope, I just think it’s such a brilliant cliffhanger, I can’t imagine what they’re going to be like, I’m going to be beside myself and I know what happens!’

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