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Cas Character

Rupert Thalton

Played by James Snell


S1 E4 – S1 E7

Job Title

Senior Surgical Registrar


Rupert Thalton was an arrogant and rude upper class snob, whose sole purpose seemed to be to annoy everyone who came into contact with him. His surgical skills, as Ewart pointed out, were excellent; however his attitude and demeanour left a lot to be desired. Rupert went to the same school as Prince Michael of Kent, and his upper class ways are clear for all to see, for example when he talks to Baz about being bleeped at the opera.

He did have the occasional moment of charm, however, and this was usually directed towards “the delightful Dr. Samuels”, for whom he had a bit of a soft spot. The feelings were not exactly mutual, however – infact Baz was perhaps the most vocal in her disdain for him.

Mr Thalton’s first appearance as surgical registrar was in S1 E4 – “Jump Start”, when he is called to perform emergency surgery on a car crash victim, however the patient dies in CRASH before he can begin. Baz also asks Rupert to assess a young boy who she believes has an extradural haematoma, and is shocked when he refuses to confirm the diagnosis – the way he deals with the patient leads most of the staff to conclude that his actions had more to do with the boy being black than any medical problem, and later on they would appear to be proved right – Baz pleads her case to him again, and this time he puts up no hesitation, doesn’t even re-examine the patient, and just takes him straight up to theatre; showing that he obviously knew what was going on right from the start.

We do not see or hear of Rupert again after S1 E7, although presumably he did not leave the hospital.

Memorable Moments

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