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HC Past Series

10.03 No-one Likes a Cry Baby – 30/10/07

S10 E3 (30 Oct 07) : No-one Likes a Cry Baby by Martha Hillier

Episode Summary

An injured Barry arrives at Holby carrying a large amount of drugs, cash and a watch belonging to Elliot. Elliot asks James to speak with the police but James refuses and threatens Barry – who blames James for his injury – with a gun to keep him quiet. Barry then frames James by injuring himself, and James is taken away by the police.

Jac, meanwhile, has an interview for a consultant post but is shocked to find Lady Bryne is on the panel. Jac blackmails Joseph into making his mother support her application by claiming her headaches are due to Joseph hitting her. However, Jac still loses the job as she is recommended for sick leave.

Elsewhere, Maddy is furious when she is left holding baby Grace while Sam goes off with agency nurse Zoe.

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Screencaps : S10 E3

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