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HC Past Series

10.05 Dust Off Your Wings – 13/11/07

S10 E5 (13 Nov 07) : Dust Off Your Wings by Abi Bown

Episode Summary

Kyla has to face the CEO following the medicine mix-up when she was drunk on the ward. She blames Faye for the mix-up and the pair have an emotional argument.

Meanwhile, Sam receives an SDI clinic card and Maddy pretends she has Chlamydia. Maddy eventually tells him the truth but notices Sam’s results show a high lymphocyte count and makes him have it checked out.

When Locum Cardiothoracic Stuart McElroy arrives on the ward he does not make a good impression on Chrissie by changing things around. Yet his charm makes it impossible for her to argue with him, try as she might.

After admitting she needs help, Kyla attends an AA meeting. While at the meeting, she sees Stuart…

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Screencaps : S10 E5

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