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HC Past Series

S12 E41

S12 E41 (13 Jul 10) : Secrets You Keep by Abi Bown

Episode Summary

Elliot successfully performs Ben’s life-saving laser surgery but can’t keep the fact that he was scammed by Maggie a secret for very long. It is soon revealed that Elliot paid for the laser himself with the proceeds from his house. Elliot refuses to call the police but Mark reports the crime.

Meanwhile, Linden tries to keep his personal issues with Joseph from affecting his work, but when Frieda calls Joseph to an emergency without telling Linden, Linden is furious. Frieda retaliates by reminding Linden that patients in his care should not suffer due to his personal problems. Linden later apologises to Frieda and thanks Joseph for his help in theatre.

Sacha and Jac compete with each other to get a rise out of Elizabeth but Sacha is shocked when Jac takes the joke too far by hiding baby Daniel, sending Elizabeth into a panic and possibly affecting the dynamic of the team.

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