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HC Past Series

S11 E19

S11 E19 (24 Feb 09) : Take Her Breath Away by Darren Guthrie

Episode Summary

Joseph is distracted, fearing Jac’s expected announcement that evening. He confesses to Faye, but it transpires that Jac’s announcement is about a paper she’s written – and not the fact that she slept with Joseph.

Frankie’s dad, meanwhile, is not happy when he’s asked to pay for his son’s gastric band. While Connie and Ric argue, Frankie goes into theatre with a complication. Later, Chrissie returns to cover a shift on HolbyCare.

Elsewhere, Daisha is late for work and Rachel is concerned about where she’s been. Daisha, however, confesses to Mark she’s struggling with baby Joe.

Notable Facts

* ‘I’m unable to hold down a long standing relationship with one,’ Elliot says of umbrellas.

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