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HC Past Series

S11 E28

S11 E28 (28 Apr 09) : Running on Empty by Abby Ajayi

Episode Summary

Maddy finds drugs left behind by Tom. After clashing with an over-confident student, she decides to up her game and become a good doctor. Ric, however, is hard on her because of her previous relationship with Tom, and won’t give her any praise – no matter how hard she tries.

Lalaine, meanwhile, hears that their mother has broken her hip and has to go home. Mark tells Lalaine she must tell Daisha that one of her children in the Philippines died a month ago. When she does, Daisha decides to let Lalaine take baby Joe back to the Philippines.

Elsewhere, the manslaughter charges against Annalese are dropped, just as the civil case against the Trust begins. Connie talks to Annalese and Michael’s lawyer, who agrees that they should settle so that all charges are dropped. However, this means Annalese will lose her job and her name won’t be cleared, but Michael can’t bring himself to tell her.

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