S11 E38

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S11 E38 (7 Jul 09) : Your Cheating Heart by David Lawrence

Episode Summary

Michael puts all his efforts into looking after his daughter, Milly, who is in hospital after falling on some furniture.

When Milly’s treatment goes wrong, however, Michael buckles and Ric steps in. Michael is forced to thank Ric, and Annalese resolves to patch things up with Michael.

Jayne finds out about Connie and John’s affair. Connie tries to explain but Jayne silences her, saying it is not a work matter.

Meanwhile, Tara relives the moment that she and Elliot devised a graft for a complicated case many years ago. She admits to Elliot that she has a similar patient and needs his help. Jac goes behind Elliot’s back, which leads him to reconsider Tara’s offer.

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