S12 E14

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S12 E14 (26 Jan 10) : Stop All The Clocks by Rebecca Wojciechowski

Episode Summary

Lauren’s mum, Sandra, arrives to see her after the accident. Faye, however, is determined to stay detached but, in the relatives’ room, Sandra recalls the whole story from Lauren’s perspective. When Joseph starts to doubt her, Faye realises that she needs to let go of her anger and stop blaming Lauren.

Ric, meanwhile, wants an apology for his “suspension” and a meeting is called to investigate the handling of the Archie incident. Vanessa defends her actions but the board needs a scapegoat and it is decided that Judith’s contract won’t be renewed.

When Oliver learns that photos of his dalliance with Jac have been posted all over the hospital, he tries to hide them from a returning Daisha.

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