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HC Past Series

S13 E38

S13  E38 (5 Jul 11) : Out on a Limb by Lauren Klee

Episode Summary

Sahira is furious with Hanssen for snubbing the cardiac trauma unit before it’s even started. To prove its worth, Sahira smuggles a patient into Holby without Hanssen’s consent. Hanssen realises how far she is willing to go to save Darwin and, in turn, how far he is willing to go to keep her at Holby.

Dan is keen to keep as far away from Malick as possible and ignores his advice on a patient. But when the patient gets into trouble he’s forced to face the consequences.

Sacha learns to put himself and his son first, but how will Chrissie take the new Sacha?

Notable Facts

Songs played in this episode are Radiohead ‘Street Spirit’, UNKLE ‘Invasion’ and Ludovico ‘Einaudi Rose’

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