S13 E06

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S13 E6 (23 Nov 10) : Betrayal by Lauren Klee

Episode Summary

When Hanssen warns Connie that cuts still need to be made on Darwin, he puts Elliot in the firing line. Connie can’t save him because of his bumbling ways, and Elliot is complicit in holding back the truth from a patient whose child has died.

Jac feels that she has to be indispensable in order to impress Hanssen. But her attempts fall flat as she takes a patient’s life into her own hands by making the wrong choice in theatre, resulting in a patient having to wear a stoma bag.

Penny and Michael encourage Frieda to come back on to the day shift permanently. She’s reluctant about working with smooth operator Michael. Can he persuade her to go back to AAU after she helps crack a difficult medical case?

Notable Facts

* ‘Lust for Life’ by Iggy Pop plays at the beginning of the episode.

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