S13 E07

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S13 E7 (30 Nov 10) : Future Shock by Graham Mitchell

Episode Summary

When Faye goes into labour and refuses to leave the psyche ward Joseph panics. The baby is breech and Faye needs a Caesarean fast. Joseph calls on Jac in his hour of need – but how will Faye’s arch enemy persuade her to get the care she needs and save Joseph’s son?

Chrissie is excited about her all-night date with Greg but she’s also tired – not to mention still coming to terms with her post-birth body shape. Penny can’t see the problem; Greg is hot and sleep is for the retired. But Chrissie can’t shake the feeling that it’s right man, wrong time. The question is, who is the right man?

Donna is determined not to give an inch to womanising agency nurse Kieran. That is, until she discovers the source of his secret phone calls. Can Donna resist his charms this time?

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