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HC Past Series

14.15 Butterflies – 24/1/12

S14 E15 (24 Jan 12) : Butterflies by Matthew Paul Thompson

Episode Summary

Sahira is torn between the two men in her life.  She desperately tries to fight her feelings for Greg, but feels vulnerable when she needs his support in an extremely complex heart operation.  Greg volunteers to go with Sahira to a work conference when Hanssen has to step down.  Together they are a brilliant team and secure funding for the Cardiac Trauma Unit.  After such a successful evening, will Sahira be able to resist a goodnight kiss?

A testing case arrives on Keller and puts everyone under pressure.  Ric is annoyed by the press interest, but Hanssen is pleased to have (potentially) good PR for the hospital.  But when Ric discovers there are complications involving consent in the case, he refuses to go ahead until all the issues are solved.  It’s a stressful time and Chantelle gets caught in the crossfire.

Time is running out for Frieda to complete her F1 portfolio on AAU.  With no other consultant available, she asks Michael Spence to assess her.  But Michael is nervous, he’s supposed to be on Holby Care only and doesn’t want to fall foul of Hanssen as soon as he’s back.  Will Michael let Frieda fail?

“Tell me I’m deluded and I’ll let you go” Greg

Notable Facts

* Songs played in this episode are Goo Goo Dolls ‘Iris’, Ryan Adams ‘Lucy Now’ & Bon Iver ‘Wash’.

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Screencaps : S14 E15

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