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Cas Series

S22 E43

S22 E43 (5 Jul 08) : I Can Hear The Grass Grow by Ian Kershaw

Episode Summary

Zoe has to give Maggie the results of Kris Kemp’s post mortem, which point to her being responsible for the death. Maggie protests her innocence and repeats her claim that it was Simon’s fault, but to no avail – there are no notes to support her assertions. An inquest has been called and, if a coroner decides that Maggie’s actions caused the death, she will be subject to a criminal prosecution.

Elsewhere, a mother says goodbye to her daughter, but the father seems in a rush to get himself and his daughter out of the house. Stacey, meanwhile, has gone cold turkey and, without telling anyone, is now suffering from paranoid hallucinations. While out driving, he causes an accident involving the father and daughter and impales his leg on a metal pole. No one believes Stacey when he says he hasn’t been drinking. The father and daughter are taken to the ED, where long-held family secrets are revealed.Stacey is in a mess and Ellie blames Abs. Abs doesn’t believe that Stacey hasn’t been drinking, but Ruth knows he is telling the truth, having experienced alcoholism before.

Toby, meanwhile, starts the day on a high. He has flats lined up to see and his future with Joanne and Lana is all mapped out in front of him – he feels as if he can conquer the world. But, by the end of the day, will his arrogant attitude have cost him all the things he holds dear?

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