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Cas Series

S22 E45

S22 E45 (19 Jul 08) : Paradise Lost by Ellen Taylor

Episode Summary

Jessica faces every mother’s worst nightmare when her son, Lucas, is hit by a car. Jessica’s agony is compounded because she ignored the call from her childminder as she was in bed with Adam.

A guilty Jessica arrives at the hospital to find that Lucas may lose a foot unless the team acts quickly. Sean insists on doing the foot realignment but the pressure of working on his son proves too much. In an awkward and emotional scene, Sean and Jessica come together at their son’s bedside while Zoe and Adam battle to save Lucas’s foot.

Joseph, a religious man, refuses to accept responsibility for Lucas’s accident, claiming that it was the result of divine intervention. Confronted by an enraged Jessica, Joseph tells her that the accident must have been payback for her sins. Stunned, she returns to her son’s bedside only to find him suffering a fit from a previously unnoticed head injury.

Meanwhile, Snezana is revealed to be the mystery medicine thief when Jeff catches her red-handed. But he can’t bring himself to report her when he finds out it was for a good cause. Charlie determines to clear Maggie’s name, but when Marilyn finds out that he broke into her computer, she threatens him with suspension.

Taking a turn for the worse, Lucas loses consciousness and a devastated Jessica takes her woes to God. If he will only make Lucas better, she promises to give up Adam. For good.

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