S23 E42

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S24 E42 (20 Jun 09) : Parent Trap by Suzie Smith

Episode Summary

Jeff’s wife and children are moving to London and his only option is to apply for full custody. He instructs his lawyer to do whatever she can.

Later, while out on a shout, Jeff comes up against a fractured family which the mother, Gloria (played by guest star Gillian Taylforth), is trying to bring back together. Seeing the damage that can be done to kids by dysfunctional parents soon makes him reconsider his own actions.

Alice’s mum, Julie, meanwhile, makes a nuisance of herself – producing an ever-growing list of guests to invite to the wedding. Tess is also trampling over Alice’s desire for a small, intimate event by suggesting Alice wear her old wedding dress. Alice finally snaps and tells them both to butt out.

Elsewhere, Ruth and Jay have to work together in Resuscitation, despite the frosty end to their previous “date” at one of the surgeons’ dinners. Working well and successfully, they decide to go to one more event in the campaign so Ruth can get the surgical rotation she wants so desperately. This time, Ruth finally lets her guard down and they become even closer.

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