S23 E44

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S23 E44 (4 Jul 09) : Ask Me No Questions by Justin Young

Episode Summary

Ruth lets slip to Sarah Evans that she is no longer seeing Dr Faldren. However, she is forced to make amends when Sarah tells her that her relationship worked in her favour with the Board. Ruth calls on Jay for help, who reluctantly stifles his anger and helps her consolidate her position.

Big Mac is targeted by the Malones, who attack him while he is on his daily patrol. Rescued by a local football team, he is unaware that the Malones are still watching.

Jordan, meanwhile, has resolved to start treatment and makes arrangements to cover his post while he is away. However, his first choice, Adam, is distracted by Jessica’s absence and Zoe is incensed that Jordan is trying to cover up his illness and refuses to be complicit in his lie.

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