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Cas Series

S24 E10

S24 E10 (7 Nov 09) : Every Breath You Take by Sally Tatchell

Episode Summary

There are fireworks for the staff in more ways then one.To the delight of the hospital staff in the Emergency Department (ED), Jordan returns but, this time, in an unfamiliar administrative role. Jordan is disappointed not to be on the front line but sparks are soon flying when he steps in to assist Lenny in treating bonfire-night casualties. A major incident at a pub, involving a box of fireworks, ensures that it’s going to be a long, emotional night in ED.

One victim is a young anorexic girl, Fran. To her mother Jenny’s consternation, she refuses to have a saline drip in case she puts on weight. Can the medical staff persuade her to accept treatment and talk to her mother about her problems?

Meanwhile, it’s Jeff’s first shift as a solo rapid responder but disaster strikes when, on his first call, he is attacked from behind and left bleeding. The blow to the head also leaves him disorientated and unable to remember exactly who attacked him. For some reason, the name coming to his mind is Alistair. Deeply concerned, Polly decides to pay a visit to Alistair’s hostel, where she makes a horrific discovery.

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