S25 E35

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S25 E35 (7 May 11) : Deception by Sally Tatchell

Episode Summary

The team grieve for Polly but put on a collective brave face. Miriam tries to encourage them to talk to her about it but it’s too early; everyone just carries on.

Later, Jordan finds eight-year-old Sam hiding in the Clinical Decision Unit (CDU). Sam admits that he is there to see Miriam who is flabbergasted to learn that he is her step-grandson and that he damaged his hand on purpose so he could come to see her. His dad – her stepson – has Parkinson’s disease. Faced with the possibility of a family reconciliation, Miriam knows she must choose between her family and her job.

Meanwhile, a near-death experience makes teenage hustler Liz realise how much having a friend means and Flavio faces up to the consequences of giving his unknowing wife an abortion pill.

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