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Cas Series

S24 E40

S24 E40 (12 Jun 10) : Inconvenient Truths by Rebecca Wojciechowski

Episode Summary

A third victim of the cryptococcsis virus dies and Lenny and Yuki are on a mission to find the source.

There’s even more trouble in the Emergency Department when a local goth (played by former EastEnder Louisa Lytton) puts a curse on Big Mac and Charlie puts misplaced faith in Shona.

Lenny and Yuki are still searching for the source of the cryptococcsis outbreak. Jordan tells them to leave it to the proper doctors, but Lenny can’t let it go. When third victim Cheryl dies, Lenny pursues her boyfriend Cal for answers. Yuki theorises the crypto may have jumped from chickens to humans at a local farm, but when Lenny investigates, he’s stonewalled.

In frustration, Lenny warns off parents, sparking a panic. When it turns out the farm isn’t the source, Lenny takes another approach. Getting Cheryl’s mysterious cheque from Cal, Lenny discovers she was part of a drugs trial. This could have dangerous and wide-ranging implications for the team. Jordan’s interest is now absolute.

Charlie gives Shona yet another chance with a temp job in the ED’s admin. Shona can’t handle the pressure but won’t admit it, much to Kirsty’s frustration. Goth Grace rubs Shona up the wrong way, so she enters her in the computer’s queuing system and then deliberately forgets her. But Shona doesn’t bargain on Kirsty’s keen eye, putting the two on a collision course. And Grace isn’t afraid to stir things up a bit with Big Mac while she’s kept hanging around…

Screencaps : S24 E40

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