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Cas Series

S25 E16

S25 E16 (18 Dec 10) : Season of Goodwill by Dana Fainaru

Episode Summary

Jordan returns to challenge Ruth’s authority, Adam and Kirsty get closer and Warren’s true colours are revealed.

Jordan returns to the Emergency Department and is appalled at how Ruth has been handling the staff. Clashing with her over several of her new policies, he realises that he is needed there to keep Ruth in line. Is he prepared to put his surgical ambitions on the back burner for the good of the ED?

Lenny is feeling the pressure to find a donor match for his sister, Helen, and Yuki agrees to help illicitly screen patients as they come into the ED. Realising one patient is a partial match, Lenny’s unprofessional behaviour causes great consternation when it leads to a young girl being left alone with a known sex offender. Is it time for Lenny to come clean and stop giving Helen false hope?

When Ruth finds out about Yuki and Lenny’s illicit activities she is furious and demands answers. Lenny is surprised to find that Yuki has accepted full responsibility – but all becomes clear when Yuki drops a bombshell.

After coming in drunk the night before, Warren is brought into the ED, accompanied by Nita, who tells Kirsty he was smashing up her things. Adam comforts Kirsty and they share a tender moment. But when Kirsty learns that Warren might have muscular dystrophy, a debilitating disease that will leave him increasingly disabled, she is torn between her feelings and her duty. But Warren’s violent true colours are finally revealed when he finds a text that Kirsty has sent to Adam.

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