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Cas Series

26.33 Appropriate Forces – 28/4/12

S26 E33 (28 Apr 12) : Appropriate Force by Steve Bailie

Episode Summary

It’s judgement day for Sam as she faces a fitness to practice hearing at the GMC after forcibly restraining Keith Parr, the relative of a patient. What future will the army medic face if she’s found guilty and will her past come back to haunt her when former colleague Corporal Dean steps up to give evidence?

Determined to take control of her own destiny, Sam sacks her defence team before the hearing starts and decides to represent herself. But faced with CCTV footage of the incident and unintentionally damning testimonies from Jordan, Scarlett and Dylan, Sam wonders if she’s made the right decision.

Matters worsen when Corporal Dean gives evidence and reluctantly admits that Sam shot a civilian in Afghanistan whom she thought was armed. But when Keith collapses at the hearing and is rushed to the ED, new medical evidence emerges that could affect the outcome of Sam’s case. Can Zoe get it to the hearing in time?

Meanwhile back at the ED, Roxanne Pallett stars as Keeley, a young woman with a violent secret….

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