S26 E36

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S26 E36 (19 May 12) Teenage Dreams by Matthew Barry

Episode Summary

A collapsed roof at a local high school brings a group of troubled teenagers into the ED, while Linda get’s a slap in the face – literally.

When a high school roof collapses Tom is reunited with a troubled teenage girl, whom he has previously recommended for counselling. But the girl’s jealous boyfriend claims she doesn’t want Tom treating her, so Jordan pulls him off the case for his own safety. Suspicions aroused, Tom refuses to follow orders. Can he get to the bottom of the boy’s scheming behaviour?

Meanwhile Linda thinks that she’s making progress with Joe and Britney and that they are starting to behave like a real family. Encouraged, she organises a shopping and pizza expedition. But when Joe is too ill to go, Britney is furious and threatened by Linda’s increasingly close relationship with her little brother. As Linda tries to stop her from storming off, Britney delivers a mighty blow.

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