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Cas Series

28.18.1 The Spirit of Christmas – 14/12/13


‘The Spirit of Christmas’ (Webisode) : Noel is convinced he has seen a live reindeer in the lounge, while Big Mac spies an elf in the bathroom.

But on second glance, they discover a plastic Rudolph and Ania, a nice lady who is freshening herself up after crashing over at the boys’ flat.

Ania reminds Big Mac and Noel that they are her heroes. In true swashbuckling style, Big Mac fought off some yobs threatening to steal gifts from her Santa’s grotto while Noel used his wit to rescue Rudolph’s stolen nose.

Ania leaves to return to her grotto and everything is back to normal. Or is it…?

Written by Henrietta Hardy


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Two more CASUALTY webisodes are set to be aired, the first to be shown after next week’s show. CASUALTY’s junior editorial team submitted ideas...

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