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HC Past Series

3.04 First Impressions – 9/11/00

S3 E4 (9 Nov 00) : First Impressions by Steve Lawson

Episode Summary

Julie is late for work which is not the least of the pressures she’s facing as her review for the Ward Sister job is up.

A new Agency nurse Brenda arrives on the ward, but Sandy and Julie become suspicious of her in her treatment of patients. We discover Brenda isn’t a real nurse and blames herself following the death of her own young daughter. She’s taken away by police.

Meanwhile, Steve is proved right when an apparently straightforward case turns out to be something far more sinister. A boy, Mark, with asthma is discovered to have been taking cocaine. They were his father’s drugs and he tries to use this information to blackmail his dad into living with him.

An elderly woman, Marie, suffering from cardiomyopathy says she doesn’t want to live since her husband has died.

Meyer’s private patient, Chris, whose in for a bypass, comes in with his pregnant partner who proceeds to go into labour. As she is sent to the labour ward and gives birth to a baby girl, Chris dies in theatre before learning of his daughter’s birth.

Meyer and Alex discuss the Private vs NHS debate whilst Julie learns she has got the Ward Sister job. However her joy is thwarted after Sandy inadvertently gets her kicked out of the nurses housing block when they find out she is staying there with her child.


  • Chris Kavanagh – dies in theatre
  • Mark Wheatley – asthma & drug abuse
  • Marie – cardiomyopathy
  • Keith Newton


Notable Facts

  • Tom Butcher plays Tony Wheatley
  • Sandy says her boy & girl baby names are Matthew and Sophie


“I suppose he’s got what you look for in a man – a pulse!” Steve to Keri

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