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HC Past Series

S4 E05

S4 E5 (6 Nov 01) : Reflected Truth by Martin Jameson

Episode Summary

The day dawns for Keri and Liam’s disciplinary hearing on the alleged rape. To Liam’s disbelief, Danny has agreed to be Keri’s key witness. ‘You really think I raped Keri.’ Later a confused Danny talks with Keri, saying that he cannot help but wonder if she really knows what happened that night and that he only knows what happened earlier in the night. Keri is upset by the lack of support from her friends. Danny, who has been supporting her, suddenly seems unsure and Sandy blankly refuses to believe a word she says. Problems in his own life make Danny forgetful and he fails to turn up at the hearing, in spite of promising Keri to be there.

Fortunately Liam and Keri resolve matters themselves after a private confrontation. Liam concedes that Keri possibly blacked out that evening, but makes her realise that he genuinely didn’t know. Comforted by Liam’s acceptance of her story, Keri tells the board she believes his version of events. Liam is relieved by Keri’s change of tact which consequently saves his job, but Steve tells him to get lost when he tries to thank her.

Marija returns to Otter Ward with her son, Luka, who isn’t well. Terrified of the authorities, Marija leaves Luka at the hospital because she has no means to pay the bill for Luka’s treatment. ‘He’ll be safe with you. Please let me go!’ Still desperately keen on Marija, Danny persuades her to come back, promising that Janice will be able to sort something out, even though she still might have to pay up to £2000 for the surgery Luka had. Janice agrees to treat Luka as an outpatient and after seeing the place Marija lives in, Danny asks Marija and Luka to move in with him. Unfortunately his flatmate Liam and friend Sandy are far from impressed.

Dennis is a manic depressive with a heart condition who tells everyone in Darwin that Alex and [ID 572]Sam[/ID] are having an affair. Meyer advises Alex that pursuing a relationship with an SHO, ‘is no the behaviour of someone who prizes the furtherance of their career,’ In turn Alex expresses his concern for Meyer and tells him directly that he thinks he’s returned too quickly to work. ‘Thank you for your comments. Now leave,’ is Meyer’s cool reply. Dennis makes his daughter’s life difficult too. She has even told her boyfriend that his father has emigrated to New Zeeland and therefore they cannot meet him, while he actually has been in a old people’s home in Holby. The boyfriend is shocked and disgusted, but she explains that she simply cannot cope with her father – he is telling her abusive things, he once put her house on fire and he ruined her previous relationship. Dennis tries to make her feel guilty about it all, trying to make her let him move in with them, but she refuses. She, however, promises to come to visit Dennis more often, but Dennis is not impressed and starts insulting her and her late mother in front of half the department. At the end of the argument he passes out and has to be taken into surgery. Dennis survives, even though his daughter was hoping he would not. She is upset that he survived and tells him that she will not come to visit him anymore in the future – to which he replies that he will find her.

Holly Fartside is a very young girl, who is admitted to the children’s ward with pneumonia. Trying to find the reason for this, Janice suggests that Holly might be HIV-positive. She asks Holly’s mother is she ever was tested during pregnancy, but finds out that the baby was adopted from eastern Europe through the internet. Holly’s father’s attitude towards Holly changes radically after finding out that she might be HIV+. He refuses to let his older daughter even touch Holly, scared that she might catch something from her, however unlikely it is. Holly’s mother is shocked by his reaction and she asks Janice not to test Holly, saying that she does not want to lose Holly or change people’s attitudes towards her. Eventually, explaining how she also knows what it is like to desperately want a child, Janice gets the mother convinced to have her tested. The result is fortunately negative and Holly’s father celebrates this, blankly ignoring the fact that Holly still is ill, possibly with an immune deficiency. Disgusted, Holly’s mother says she does not want to have anything to do with him anymore and she says that she will take care of Holly on her own from now on.


Holly Fartside is a young girl with immune deficiency

Dennis Trevelyan is a manic depressive in need of a bypass

First Scene/words

[Liam is outdoors, running. He stops for a while to breathe.]

Last Scene/words

Sandy: Night, Liam.

Liam: Night.

[Liam walks into his room, sits down on the bed and watches himself in the mirror, not liking what he sees.]

Guide by Karin.

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